MTB Special Interview Vol.2 Listening to Mr. Mikoshiba Invitation to Mountain Bike Competition

To Mr. Mikoshiba Tsunobu (Mikoshi Bunko) who is active in various fields in the mountain bike world as a rider of MTB · cross country and as well as course design of the race from various events, A special interview that I heard about the charm of mountain bike.

Vol.2 inquires about Mr. Mikoshiba about the various charm of mountain bike, MTB's competition and race.

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Editor-in-chief editor (hereinafter, edited):I would like you to tell me about Mikoshiba 's thought and charm about mountain biking.

Mr. Mikoshiba (hereinafter Mikoshiba):Mountain biking, even on a bad road ... can you run? Now that road bikes are in fashion, I can see many people who are using road bikes for commuting.

MTB recommended for commuting!

Mikoshiba:Actually, I think that mountain bikes are very easy to use for commuting.
It is ... ..., the road law has changed, the sidewalk basically can not run a bicycle,
Depending on the location, there are parts that run well ....
Also, when you are used for commuting is commuting time, there are times when there are many cars, so go running the edge of the road.
And I think that there are many times when the end of the road is rough.
At that time ... worry such as punk comes out ....
The mountain bike has less risk for such things than the thin tires of the road bike.
When the weather is bad, the road is necessarily a type of brake that holds the rim of the wheel, so it gets very bad when it rains,
Now, most of the mountain bike is getting into a disc brake, so that the reliable brakes are heard even in such bad weather,
For troubles and safety issues, mountain biking is also recommended for commuting.
And I wonder if mountain biking is attractive in such parts as well.

EditingIt is a scary part as it is a road bike after all as it runs.

Mikoshiba:There is.

EditingJust getting caught in a little step,
Well well there is little risk for Mountain Bikes. With easy running. I see.
What is the fun of running mountain biking or mountain path as a competition in fact being done?

Mikoshiba:After all, when it comes to competition, some painful part comes out.
But at the time of the competition that the actual problem is painful thinking in practice, since the competition time is shorter than the practice time,
Competition is quite easy and challenging with a margin.
I usually do regular exercises in such parts.
How do you like mountain biking and depending on how much you usually ride a lot of times, there are things that you can run happily comfortably in competition.

Naturally touch with mountain bike

Mikoshiba:Also, as a charm of mountain biking, it is still fun to run through nature without playing.
Going to a touring with a friend and having a meal in nature is also fun.

EditingWith friends, people in the guide, with people who came together
You actually climbed the mountain, and everyone there like to eat this ~ rice, is that something like that?

Mikoshiba:I agree. Indeed, you will eat Yu air in delicious areas, so whatever you eat is fine.
So, it is only when I am doing a guide, do not do it for portable use, boiling water with a gas cool ... I do not do it. Or there is a temporal constraint ... but I could not do it.
Just after all, when time is allowed, actually have a portable gas,
So boil it with water or ... a cup noodle or a pot hot pot, do it. You did it, did not you.

EditingSounds fun.
At that time everyone, put the equipment backpack, divided into several people, is to climb, is not it?

Mikoshiba:I agree.
Oh well, I carried heavy water on you (laugh)

The strongest person (haha)
Oh but there is one way to enjoy it, right?

Mikoshiba:In that sense too, I think that there really is a part that each person can find out how to enjoy each one.

EditingAfter all the mountain bike's charm is a mountain road, it is good to run off-road actually and experience it once.
Is it the best for you to know the charm?

Mikoshiba:I agree! Yes.

EditingWell then all those who are interested in it should be guided by the guide!
There are many Japanese all over Japan.

Mikoshiba:I agree.

How to enjoy MTB competition

EditingWell then, my hobby of mountain biking, well after I had fun about the guide first,
How to enjoy mountain biking as a hobby from there,
For example, I think that there are ways to enjoy mountain biking as a competition, various races all over Japan,
Could you tell me how to enjoy that neighborhood?

Mikoshiba:Indeed it is participating in my touring, the person who participated in the rental at the beginning is
As it is interesting that it is even more interesting if you join it several times,
It is at that time, of course that I received support from a certain maker, so it was because I was using a rental motorcycle from a manufacturer that received support, so that Well it was actually a good one.
As I said at that time also as I mentioned earlier, at that time as well, we introduced a manufacturer, shop which tells us about maintenance from the nearest neighbor's house, purchasing it Received.
That way is pretty good, I started as a hobby, but I often go to the competition. Actually.
So, surprisingly when we say mountain biking for cycling, it seems that the threshold is very high from a person who does not do it,
At that time, there are so many grass races that you can really enjoy and there are real full-length Japanese championships as a result of that, but there are actually people stepping up to such things.

EditingOh, I see.
So actually buy it and join the place like a grass race as a competition soon from there, increase the level,
As I participate in the competition as a competition ...

Mikoshiba:Yes. I agree.
So, first of all, when you enter that way, people who participated in the tour we are doing are among the people who participate in the tour several times
Next time I have the tournament, but why do not you come and join us as teams and endurance races are there? When I make a suggestion
If I can do fun while playing with my friends I should try going endurance race ....
So while you do not know it will gradually make it to the windmills that the bad man drags in like this (lol)

EditingSo everyone (laugh) When I make fans (lol)

Mikoshiba:That seems so, yeah (haha)
Again, the steps are ongoing as you go through the guide, is it one of those steps?
I dragged in in such a way that there was also a step in that direction. Yes (lol)

Mountain bike and age

EditingWho actually doing is many, such as age group or gender?

Mikoshiba:Again ... wide range, yeah.
That area is ...

EditingIs mountain bike also those who start from thirties 40s?


EditingDo you Come.

Mikoshiba:Yes. Um ... Actually, I also started mountain biking in my thirties.

EditingOh, that's right.
Well then, some people who start in their 40s ...


EditingOh, is it?

Mikoshiba:So now I am acquainted with my 50s, but some people are getting stronger year after year.

EditingIt is amazing ~ (lol)

Mikoshiba:Even though it will go down year by year, that person goes to Don Dong.

Types of mountain bike competitions

EditingI see.
Actually, recently mountain bike, road people are also pretty popular, I guess it is well done various competitions ...
I would like to ask a little bit about what type of competition is going on, what kind of content, what type of race is being done.

Mikoshiba:First of all, there is a cross country which is also an official event at the Olympic Games.
This is lucky, there are a variety of ways, but there are 5 km or 6 km course, it is like racing around where there is up / down.

EditingIndeed, what else do you have?

Mikoshiba:Well, well, downhill. Originally America was the reason why the mountain bike started.
There is an old man there, it would be fun if you get off the road. As it started from a place like that,
Is it a downhill close to that?

EditingIt is also a competition ...

Mikoshiba:It is in the competition.

EditingIt is said that it is becoming.

Mikoshiba:After that, dual slalom and

EditingWhat is dual slalom ...?

Mikoshiba:They both have slalom at the same time ... (gesture)

EditingAh ~

Mikoshiba:Even that ski has a slalom ...

EditingYes it is.

Mikoshiba:Is it close to what you are? Sensually ...

EditingI see…

Mikoshiba:Besides, is it 4 cross?
Four units (gesture)

EditingAhh ~! I will do it with 4 units ~
That's great…
What is the race where Mr. Mikoshiba was participating?
Was it cross-country?

Cross country

Mikoshiba:It was cross country.
5 km, 10 km long ...

EditingCross-country was specialty.
It's pretty hard to include 5 km, 10 km and mountain paths, right?

Mikoshiba:Yes, it's a lap.

How long will it be if it gets long distance?

Mikoshiba:Although I will do the endurance race in a long distance with time,
Now in Nagano Prefecture Otaki village 100 km, 120 km in one way is called

EditingWow ...
This is not just a flat road anymore, it is a mountain road.

Mikoshiba:It is all mountain path now.

EditingHuh? How many km it is now ...

Mikoshiba:100 km, 120 km

EditingWow ...
That's unbelievable. There are about between Tokyo Mishima, is not it?
How many hours are you going around? this is.

Mikoshiba:Fast people are insanely fast.

EditingAre you sure? (Laugh)

Mikoshiba:True, I will be back in a couple of hours (laugh)

EditingIt is amazing.

Mikoshiba:So it is really a forest road that you can not enter normally.
So, I will use it specially for that tournament.

When race beginners participate

It's amazing ...
When it comes to the race of a beginner, how much will it be?

Mikoshiba:I guess endurance race is a good idea though ...

EditingEndurance race.

Mikoshiba:It can be 2 hours, for example, so you have to make a team, if you are running with a few people changing
Relatively like this ... Can you go hike with everyone while having fun? I think.

EditingHow many teams can you put together from about people?

Mikoshiba:Is it about 2 to 4 people?

EditingThis is for each team ...

Mikoshiba:It depends on the competition though

EditingOh, you can join from two people too.
It is quite handy to go.

Mikoshiba:I agree. For example, a couple or a couple ...

EditingIt is good! Sometime it is fun to join such a race with a couple. A couple is absolutely fun, right?

Mikoshiba:Well, maybe you were the one who comes out as a parent and child, you come.

Road bike boom

EditingChild, what about recently?
Children to be joined or influenced by my father after all.

Mikoshiba:Well, again.

EditingHow old are you? Once in 20 years ago, there was a mountain bike boom.
Was it roughly 20 years or so?

Mikoshiba:I agree.

EditingEveryone was riding a mountain bike for the kids

Mikoshiba:Well, so I started 20 years ago ...

EditingI see ... that time it is around that time!
Speaking of mountain biking recently ... No, I think recently from around last year we have been increasing the number of children riding a mountain bike with the popularity of road bikes.

Mikoshiba:Lately the road is very popular, but ...

EditingOh, is that so ...
Well then, by all means take me to the mountain bike once ... ... Once you run in the mountain road you will definitely be charmed.

Mikoshiba:I agree.
Even those who are on the road will definitely want to run mountain paths by mountain bike ...

EditingI see…

Mikoshiba:Moreover, the enjoyment of the bicycle increases in a different meaning ...

Road bike and mountain bike

EditingIf you like road bike you are also addicted to mountain bike ~.
Which one are you both more? Who is your favorite bike?
Is Mr. Mikoshiba so, is not it? Mountain biking was also torn after being loaded.
If you experience it already, there are many parts that are common.

Mikoshiba:Well, again.
In the world of racing, there are groups of roads, and as you enter this group in the group, the air resistance is reduced and you can run relatively easily.
Mountain biking is almost never said to be group traveling.
Somehow like this, I think that each person's power
Even in those parts where you can test your own power, mountain biking is different from ordinary road racing.
Among the road competitions, Hill Climb is now in fashion but it is a race to climb the mountain path,
That is truly the power of the individual is terrible big.
So even if I told bicycle competition a bit, I really wanted to get out of the group and skillfully plucked out,
It is also fun to play road race, but it is also fun to have a Hill Climb that you can do with your own power,
I think that there is another charm as to where you can put out your own power that resembles that kind of mountain bike's like Hill Climb.

EditingMikoshiba Mr. Hill Climb was specialized?

Mikoshiba:No, no no no (laugh)

Editingwrong? (Lol)

Mikoshiba:I can not climb this body already (laugh)
I can not climb further and steadily now ...

Various at the time of racing

EditingWell then, actually it's probably the sandy or road surface condition of the mountain bike, and I think that there are various weather, rain, winds.
Do you change such parts, such as being a tire of the motorcycle itself at such a time, or is such thing done?

Mikoshiba:Oh, yes, it's obvious

EditingAccording to the weather ... and change it.
When actually going to the tournament actually do people who are seriously doing something like taking a motorcycle?

Mikoshiba:When cross country is something, when I have something goes where I am going many times I'm going to find the course in general.

EditingYes yes yes (haha)

Mikoshiba:Then, I think that such a bicycle is good anymore. That's why it's one.
But the tires are quite important, are not they? So, it will change at all due to rain depending on road conditions.
I will take extra tires.

EditingIs the air pressure well controlled?

Mikoshiba:You control it.

EditingIs it according to the road conditions?

Mikoshiba:Well, that too.

EditingOh, I see.

Mikoshiba:But, comparatively, in the case of mountain bikes that the general public thinks is less air, right?

EditingIt is said to be put in.
I'm going to put some of them around aside for a moment
Even such places are also shops ... I will return back to you a bit, but it is important to maintain while you ask.

Mikoshiba:That's why. I think pneumatic is very important.

EditingOh, that's right.

Mikoshiba:So, depending on the tire being used then, is it a tubeless tire or a tubeless tire like a car, the tires of the car are not in the tube? Aya tire's mountain bike is obvious now.

EditingThe general guys are in the tube, right?

Mikoshiba:I agree. The tire containing the tube is relatively more likely to puncture if the air pressure is relatively high.

EditingThere are various things.


EditingIt is the most important thing to go up and raise the level while visiting Guide Mr. Shop.

Mikoshiba:So if you talk in detail in such places

EditingThe back is very deep (lol)

Mikoshiba:I see. (Laugh) Then, I did! I thought that it would be hard to get in (laugh)

EditingFirst of all, once you can easily make it simple

Mikoshiba:Well, yes.

EditingThe first thing to get to experience first

Mikoshiba:I think (lol)

EditingI understand. Thank you very much.

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