Parasailing experience report

I definitely booked and want to go to Okinawa Ichioshi · Activity experience!
As long as you go Okinawa you can not remove this! Roast road parasailing of resort activities! !

Reported by Takayuki Ide

Activities A lot of X-TRIP

This time we introduce X - TRIP (X - trip) which has various activities such as parasailing, fly board, snorkeling, experience diving and so on.

People who want to challenge a variety of things in Okinawa Charged attention plans

X-TRIP has an office in Hotel Nishi, Hotel Resonex of Nago City in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa.
This time it was supposed to be onboard from the headquarters port for the convenience of coverage, but it was raining a lot from the night before the morning to the morning and the rain clouds stayed in the morning, I'm a bit worried whether we can parasail this day By the time we arrived at the headquarters port of the meeting place, a pleasant blue sky gradually began to appear from between the clouds.
And winds indispensable for parasailing came out and it was possible to carry out safely.

By the way, as for the meeting place when carrying out activities with X - TRIP, depending on the plan, such as when going to Mizushima, blue cavern, in addition to the office of Hotel Risonex Nago, it may depart from the headquarters port, others There are some meeting places, such as when gathering at Ante Beach on Setoujima, so be sure to check at the time of booking.

The charm of X - TRIP is anything you can do anything since you have a variety of activities!

Flyboards of popular activities flying in the sky with hydraulic pressure, including large classic · parasailing of Nankoku Resort, snorkeling and experiencing diving performed in beautiful Sedgejima and water islands, full-scale fun diving, tours to the blue cave There are approaches of both the underwater and the water going by boat, and such thrill as a pleasant banana boat and pulling system (towing tube) etc etc, it can say that you can really enjoy everything.

And even more surprising is that there are plenty of combo plans that combine the above activities that will respond to that hope when you want to have fun too.

Thanks to doing parasailing in one day, I would like to challenge the fly board, oh, I want to enjoy the snorkel ... I'm glad to find a plan that will meet your wishes anyhow.

After all it's parasailing!

Everyone is sure to have the activities you would like to do if you go to the marine resort in the southern country.

Is not its representative a parasailing or a banana boat?

Anyway, if you wear even swimsuits, you do not have to prepare anything else, so there is no increase in luggage, and there are no prior exercises so it is easier to add to the plan of travel and you can enjoy it easily.

Besides, as long as you come to Okinawa, just washing yourself in the beautiful sea is a waste, so parasailing is perfect for the feeling of trying to challenge your activities.

There is more thrill than the Ferris wheel, but it is romantic to enjoy the time of only two people while relaxing in the sky with the feeling of becoming a seabird. It is also popular among couples and girls travelers.

It makes me a very smile.

Rise to the sky of the southern country fluffy!

First of all, on the ship, fit the life jacket firmly on the swimsuit.
Next, have the harness installed. All of the staff who help prepare are all tanned in a tan.
When preparation is completed, you will receive a lecture on flying and returning.

Move to a good point of wind with a motor boat! The sea of ​​the emerald green is dazzling.
Wind is an important element for activities that fly in the sky. Parasailing also can not fly without wind, but it is a good point of parasailing to be able to move on a motorboat to a place with good wind.

Start preparing to fly.
There is a parasailing body at the rear part of the motor boat, spreading para-sail as it gets to a good point. Then, it receives the wind and spreads in no time.
When parasail is on standby, the person who flies next moves to the rear of the motor boat.

When you extend your leg and sit at the rear of the motor boat, connect the parasail and the harness.
A little excitement starts at this point.
Once again, grasp the content of the lecture earlier and grasp the bar hanging from parasail with both hands.

As you can voice it, the rope connecting the parasail and the boat will stretch and float up from the ship.

When thinking that his feet are away from the boat, he goes up to the sky very quickly away from the ship, but this moment of separation is very thrilling.
However, when it strangely rises to the sky, the fluffy feeling turns into a mode to enjoy the scenery more slowly than thrilling. It is also interesting places of parasailing that can enjoy both thrill & healing.

Walk in the air in the mood of a seagull

It is a feeling that the boat is still close but when it is just getting away from the ship in a state grasped by parasailing, it is a little time to think so, and as soon as I noticed it gets steadily away from the ship.
And it turns out that the ship becomes smaller and the altitude feeling is also increasing.

Perhaps a person with a phobia of high altitude may be a bit scared if he looks down on the sea right under the feet.
But if you see the scenery in the distance, you will surely outperform than fear.
Anyway, the blue and beautiful sea of ​​Okinawa spread, and I can feel the seagull as I can see the beach of Sesokushima and the main island.

Coral reefs around Sesokushima can be seen well from the sky, it is the best feeling that beautifully changing appearances such as emerald green and cobalt blue from the deep blue of the sea can be seen.
I want to fly this way all the time.

Mr. Inaba

For the interview on this day, Mr. Inabuku (Inafuku) of X-TRIP representative stepped the motorboat directly.
Mr. Inabu is also one of the heavyweights that had been pulling Okinawa's activities from long ago and recently it is left to young staff to go to the scene. It is quite a valuable experience that you can get on board a boat operated by Mr. Inabuki.
I was told that his maneuvering was unusual, but he is still a sea man. The figure in such a pilot seat is very painting.

After parasailing is over and the customer's harness is separated from the parasail, if you move the boat to the next destination, you will be accommodating parasail to run the boat at high speed.
At this time, when Parasail arrives at the sea surface it gets wet and becomes useless when putting the next customer, so it is necessary to take para-sail to the ship so as not to get to the sea and wind it at a very high speed Truly Mr. Inabuki, the winding speed is earlier than the young staff who still do it together.
After finishing winding, it is impressive to say that it was a casual look with saying that he will not lose.
It is very nice to entertain even with such a little thing. If you have the opportunity to see where to store the parasail, be sure to pay attention to the take-up speed as well.

The combo is the best!

When enjoying the aerial walk for a while and coming back after parasailing, the rope is rolled up on the ship and pulled back to the boat, but at the same time the altitude gradually comes down and at the end it feels like landing on the boat with the stone Welcome back! .

The great part of X-TRIP is where you can play until the very heart of parasailing, this time you can get back to the beach by banana boat, head towards the snorkel, parasailing from the fly board.
When the customers who were riding in the boat at the time of interview actually witnessed the flow of going snorkel after waving their hands on a banana boat with a smiling face, when they witnessed the flow of X - TRIP In addition to realizing the goodness of the plan of the Parisailing, we interviewed that the interview team was unexpectedly similar, enviously enviable, including the editor in chief editor of the parasailing. (Lol)

So it is good to be able to understand the merit of a combo plan that can enjoy various activities continuously, but again I would like you to experience parasailing in Okinawa once in a while!
I'm sure it will be OK for you to smile.

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