All Japan Flyboard Championship 2014 Blue Seal Cup

What is the All Japan Flyboard Championship?

Flyboard players nationwide gathered, competing to compete against the world championship right.
This is the second time this year. This stage spreads the blue sky, Okinawa!
The world convention will be held in Dubai in December.

Rules of this competition

Preliminary selection for all participants (acting for 2 minutes) was held, and the top eight preliminary rankings (acting 4 minutes) can be advanced.
Five judges scored each item of prescribed performance and comprehensive production with a score of 5 points each.
The total point of 3 people excluding the highest point and the lowest point is the total point.


During the performance, various skills will be drawn out from the players aiming for additional points, but it is not only good to attack but you also have to pay attention to the penalty points due to mistakes.
For example, if a hose connecting players and water bikes touches a water motorcycle after having carried out a technique, it will be a big deduction point ...
Actually, the fly board is a competition where not only the flying player, but also the team play with the partner who manipulates the water motorcycle becomes very important.

What kind of skills are there?


Flyboard basic skills. Flying in the sky with water pressure, keep the height vertical.
Amazing athletes rise to a height of 8 to 9 meters with hovering!
Flyboard beginners also aim at the acquisition of this technique first!


Dolphin is a technique that divides and jumps in the sea like a dolphin.
If I draw a beautiful parabola, it is super cool!

Back flip

Difficulty The skill of the highest grade basketball club.
Backflip is a technique for advanced users with danger, but attracts everyone who looks at super acrobatics!

New technique

It is also possible that the unprecedented technique that the player originally produced is popping out! Even in this tournament, a technique with even greater difficulty than the back flip, which "makes me somersault back" is born!

Introduction of players (Activity Japan Partner)

Okinawa Beach Gang (Okinawa · Kanto)

Okinawa Beach Gang
Naka Risa
Okinawa Beach Gang
Yasushi Akira (left) & garden player (right)
Okinawa Beach Gang
I decided a new technique! Nagata players
Flyboard experience at beach gang (Okinawa · Kanto)! !

AQUA TAIL (Fukuoka)

Gacocoumarin (Lake Yamanaka)

Marina Eighteen (Lake Yamanaka)

Result announcement

It was a wonderful technique and these players got the tickets to the world championship in Dubai! ! ! ! !
Congratulations! !

No. 1: Suzuki player (center) Belmarin

No. 2: Shimazaki player (left) Marina Eighteen

The third place: Yokoee player (right) MOON BEACH

All Japan Flyboard Championship 2014 Blue Seal Cup