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I definitely booked and want to go to Okinawa Ichioshi · Activity experience!
Okinawa × SUP = I like the sea more than now! Enjoy yourself with Shokki and the seas of Okinawa

Reported by Takayuki Ide


This time we introduce stand-up paddle board (SUP) and sea kayak TerraWorks (terra works).
Guide to the bliss plan that you can tell me the significance of enjoying SUP and snorkeling in Okinawa.

Mr. Kida (Shigaki) of Tera Works is a big veteran who has 23 years of guiding history of sea kayak. He has been a leader in sea kayak and SUP tour world in Okinawa.
People call Mr. Kida familiar with Shokki, and his personality is loved by Okinawa's father from people who once took care of the tour.

Noteworthy as Mr. Kida's background is that he has completed the separation work of going around Okinawa main island 20 years ago by sea kayaking, also mentioning 23 years of the sea kayak guide history, and he also has the experience of being taken up largely in the newspaper .
Even then, I went around Okinawa 8 times at sea kayak, and last year I won a round of Okinawa over 12 days at SUP, which is still taken up in the newspaper.

In addition, 22 years ago, Okinawa islands from Okinawa main island, and Tokunoshima via Okinoerabu Island and Tokunoshima, it seems that they have also crossed in Amakumi Oshima at sea kayak.
There is also experience of victory at sea kayak's speed race.
Anyway, Mr. Kida who owns a tremendous career, but he is so young that he is so friendly and kind as he calls himself nicknamed Shocky. Trained body burned in whole body days, it is impossible to believe that it is black and more than 60 years old.

To the sea of ​​Okinawa which is one step further!

Mr. Kida started with sea kayak and his efforts with paddle sports, as it has been 10 years since joining a stand-up paddle board, it seems to be one of the life work. That's why Terra works can do the plan of sea kayak and SUP.
And Sesoko Island, the base of Terra works, is an island on the west side of the main peninsula protruding west of the northern part of the main island of Okinawa, because it is bridged from the headquarters town of the main island, it can cross by car.

Because Sesokushima is formed by uplifted coral reefs, it seems that the sea around the island is very beautiful with little outflow of mud to the sea even if it rains.
It seems that he keeps the beauty that makes a line with others thanks thanks to it.

In this time, due to the schedule restrictions of the interview, I experienced the normal plan of SUP and snorkeling which I can participate in full day in about half a day.
First of all, I will teach you how to ride SUP, how to hold paddles and how to row.
When I receive a lecture, it finally comes to the sea but in order not to hurt shallow corals by board fins, not to float the board in the sea as soon as entering the sea, the board deepens and the board interferes with the coral Leave the board where you do not float, then start riding.
If you do not do this properly both coral and board will be damaged.

You can also learn how to treat these cherish treasures.

Go on over the ocean that is too transparent!

Although I could actually experience swimming, the sea of ​​the coral reef around the island is really beautiful, and the coral reefs spreading beautifully in colorfulness are as if I think that it is like making a set. It was remarkably beautiful and I was deeply moved compared with what I saw so far.
Honestly, once you see this ocean, you can not go back to the other seas. There is a word to say that it is said, but it is really bad. This beauty.

Anyway, it's fun anyway because we row up on this beautiful sea with SUP. What is pleasant is that it is unlikely that the transparency of the ocean just under the rowing is odd and it is fun to see the underwater scenery moving while rowing thanks to being too transparent.
Not moving forward while looking at the scenery of this hill, it is inspiring to see the scenery under the sea, and the desire to keep this beautiful ocean forever also born naturally.
The place I took you to Shokki this time is a place where you can not get there unless you go SUP from the beach. So this beauty can not be seen unless you are a SUP person.
Although the coverage date was cloudy but unfortunately it is surprising to see how much it looks like cobalt blue, and it is really interesting to see where the sea or color changes in the depths and underground topography.
If you practice in such a sea SUP will surely become better and better.

If you want to surf with a stand-up paddle board you can also guide you to a surfing point, depending on the time of the day or the weather. It was a good wave on the previous morning so I was able to surf.
Of course, it will match the participants' skills and levels, so that part is okay.

Fun to do snorkeling with SUP

Well, it is fun to just row out with a paddle, but if you are looking at this crystal clear ocean you will want to jump in.
I keep going to a more beautiful point according to Shokki's guide while keeping that urge constant.
When you let me know that this neighborhood is a good point, I finally snorkeled and dive into the sea!
Of course, the leash cord is wearing so that the board (board) will not be flushed.

When you jump in, you will be surprised at the level of transparency even more than from above the sea. Under the cloudy sky, although the sunlight does not directly penetrate into the sea, visibility can clearly reach far away.
Looking at coral reefs and colorful tropical fishes that continue to be seen in the clear world that seems to really be in the ocean, Taro Urashima, who came to a dragon castle as if it really came to another world, is surely like this Such a wonderful experience that you think that you might have seen it is only when you come to Sesokushima and do SUP and sea kayak.

As you can see the picture above, it is clear that the cloudy weather does not have enough light reaching the sea. You can see how beautiful the ocean is.
However, again, seeing is believed to be one hundred. I want everyone to actually experience this sea!

Special time at Sesokushima

I also want to come to Okinawa, Sesokojima. And it is shocky that I absolutely want to meet again.
You can borrow a shower at Mr. Kida's house, but the house is a very good atmosphere with a taste like an old private house in Okinawa. I was allowed to raise it to my house and I was able to tell various stories such as the impact that I mentioned at the beginning, the amazing career, the encounter with sea kayak, SUP and so on.

Shocky himself and her wife will say that he is going to come again to see Okinawa's father Dad Mother. It made me feel that everyone would be attracted to such attractive personality, the customers were convinced that there were too many repeaters.
I also want to encourage from the author that everyone should go shocking!
And I want you to fully enjoy the charm of Okinawa, the charm of SUP, the charm of sea kayak, the charm of snorkeling, become Okinawa fans, Shocky fans.
So, if you want to enjoy Okinawa more deeply, want to go to the seaside seaside, and want to meet Shokki, we recommend you to reserve Terra works' s plan by all means.

By the way, now, aside from the guide industry, we are putting emphasis on nurturing guides, intensive courses such as 3 nights and 4 days are also done, so if you would like to do a guide, please come and visit Mr. Kida 's course Why do not you accept it.

Cooperation of this interview

Cooperation of coverage: Terra works
Mr. Kida, Thank you very much for your cooperation while I was busy accepting university seminars until the previous day!

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