Fly board recommendation plan

Flying activity in the sky with the hottest water pressure this summer "FLY BOARD" Have you done already?

I can also do fly boards in familiar places where I can go on a day trip from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka etc.
Before going on a trip to Okinawa, I think that it is ants to have a local influence!
So, this time if you go fry board by area, you can go here! I will introduce the recommended plan.

Recommended flyboard plan in the metropolitan area


[Yamanashi Yamanakako] fly in the sky in the fly boat experience <water pressure! >

3,780yen~​ ​(tax included)

"Fly board" of the topic now! ! We are able to fly empty in 15 minutes 3780 yen! Freely if grasp tips. Good people has flew the water like a dolphin. Try to anyone earlier than by all means challenge ☆

Marina Eighteen (marina eighteen)

[Yamanaka] fly in the sky in the water pressure! Fly board experience course (1 set 20 minutes) [am]

プランID:876Marina Eighteen (marina eighteen)
4,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is an entirely new sports that you can attach a hose of about 17 meters to the nozzle behind the water bike, fly through the air using water pressure, move up and down, left and right while balancing with your body. Please take this opportunity to experience the fly board at Lake Yamanaka.

Recommended flyboard plan in the Tokai region

Recommended flyboard plan in the Kansai region

AQUA RIZ (Aqua Rise)

[Hyogo Himeji] Beginners welcome! Fly board experience to fly in the sky in the water pressure

プランID:845AQUA RIZ (Aqua Rise)
5,700yen~​ ​(tax included)

Feel free to air walk can experience, now the topic of marine sports and fly board. Price also has become so affordable price, please come to experience the new sensation in the sky!

Recommended flyboard plan in Fukuoka

AQUA TAIL (Aqua tail)

[Fukuoka Nokonoshima] popular! Inexperienced person for fly-board experience (first 30 minutes course)

プランID:426AQUA TAIL (Aqua tail)
6,696yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is a 30-minute experience plan for inexperienced people. First of all let's experience the feeling of floating in the air! Please be assured that the certified instructor of the Fly Board Association will lecture!

Recommended flyboard plan in Okinawa

X-TRIP (X trip)

[Okinawa northern area / Nago / headquarters / Sesoko Island] the best of marine activity! Fly board experience (30 minutes)

プランID:358X-TRIP (X trip)
7,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

From France, the best of marine activity appeared! You can float in the air in the water flow connecting the watercraft. We lift by injecting water into for down from the skateboard like a board. Introduction can not even stand not balanced, but you will be able to stand on the surface of the water to understand the tips and went five minutes. Challenge to move 2m emerged from 1 Kitara further accustomed about 5 minutes! Inspiring for the first time of experience to airborne on the water!