Outdoor Summer Jamboree Sotenanisul? 2014

Outdoor Summer Jamboree Outdoor event organized by fishing vision held at Tsumagoi Campground in Muslim good product, July 25 (Friday), 26 (Saturday), 27 (Sun), Tsumagoi Village, Gunma prefecture Tsumagoi village, Muji Quality Products Activities Japan has also participated.

I did a workshop with SUP and a kayak, and it ended successfully for the first time in full success with each occasion.
I uploaded the state of the workshop as a gallery focusing on the pictures of everyone who participated.

Photo by shooting team Taka

SUP Workshop · Gallery

Inflatable kayak workshop · gallery

We cooperated with Yamanakako WATER CRAB and we had a kayak workshop on 26th and 27th.

Other galleries

MUJI Cosmopolitan Campania Tsumagoi Campground was generally well-endowed with good weather, beautiful trees, grass green, blue sky, white cloud contrast was also a beautiful and beautiful place.

At the SUP workshop, there was also a TV interview of Fishing Vision. It will be on air on August 12th.

Fishing Vision, everyone of Sotoni executive committee, MUJI Campania Tsumagoi Campsite staff Thank you very much.
Mr. Mistral, WATER CRAB Thank you very much.


area: Yamanashi / Lake Yamanaka / Oshino

WEB SITE: Information on WATER CRAB information and plans is here

Sotdenenisul? Outdoor Summer Jamboree Sotenanisul? 2014

WEB SITE: http://www.sotonani.jp/