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A certain day of July that the rainy season has not finished yet, three members of July one editor, Buchi editor-in-chief, slash-cut team Kitada, and shooting team Taka headed for Tokyo and Okutama.

What is the Okutama Area?

First of all, let's briefly introduce the Okutama area, which is this interview destination
The Okutama area is located in the western part of the Tokyo metropolitan area, a mountainous region bordering the Chichibu region in Saitama prefecture, around Sagami Lake in Kanagawa prefecture, and the eastern part of Yamanashi Prefecture.
It is also a place rich in water such as Okutama Lake which is a citizen's water bottle, and the source of the Tama River water system. Incidentally the Tamagawa River flows out of Okutama Lake.

Since I am from Tokyo, I also have friends from Okutama and have been to play several times since I was a child, plums and cherry blossoms in spring and cherry blossoms in autumn are also beautiful, so as photographer activities as well It is also a relatively familiar land as it is visited several times by shooting those sceneries.
If you are from a place other than the Kanto area, it will be very surprising to see that this kind of nature remains within about an hour and a half from Shinjuku while being in Tokyo. Perhaps it is surprising even that there are mountainous areas in Tokyo in the first place.
The Okutama area is also an area attractive for its rich natural environment with such green and water.
That means that outdoor activity is also a places of nature
It is an area where you can do canyoning, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, riverbugi, MTB, trekking and much more.
Of course there is a campsite, fishing is also popular, tributaries have fishbells and it is the best location for outdoor lovers.


Outstanding access from downtown

If you are a train you can go from the Chuo line to the Oume line in Tachikawa and if you use a central car and roadside course, you can go if you head west to the Ome Highway, both one and a half hours from Shinjuku It is very attractive that you can easily access it.

Early arrival, I encountered practicing scenery of kayak in Tama river.


Well, to the Mr. Grandex Ontake base, Kawai Station (8 stations from Oume Station) next to Otaki Station where there is a mountain climb to Mt.
When going by car, there is a logo on the side of the building that is visible on the left side of the Tamagawa River along National Route 411.

When you go to the front of the building, a stylish hammock gets a lot of looks.


What is Canyoning?

This interview activity is a canyoning

Roughly speaking of canyoning, it is a river sports originating in France that has long been popular in Europe in Europe, going down to the point of interest using various elements such as dive, slider and rope work in the valley.

That is why I will start preparing immediately after I greet Mikey. Despite the rain forecast, we have been blessed with weather and it was quite hot and humid, and it is a day for canyoning.

First of all I changed clothes to swimwear, then I wear a thick wet suit.
Next, wear a dedicated river shoes which is made of felt which is hard to slip for lining for canyoning.


And with a carabiner and rope etc. With a hip around the hip to slide with a hip Attaching the harness (bottom left) with protective material leaves to the destination point of canyoning!

Finally to the river

When I ran Grandex 's car and ran for about 30 minutes I arrived at the point of the Himahara (river) river of the Tama River branch!
Get off the car and wear a life jacket, helmet and gloves, then follow the guidance of the guide down the slope and get off the river.

Canyoning starts at last! !

First of all, walking around the river and drowning in the water.
It's a sultry rainy season with temperatures above 30 degrees, so the river's water is cold and very pleasant anyhow. The mood is the best only with this.


Natural waterslide

As we arrived at the point where the river narrowed and the flow became sudden, it began for the beginning of the natural water slider competition.


I slide various sliders at various points, large and small.
At the end of sliding, it flowed to a place with a little depth in a pool shape, where you can also float pleasantly thanks to the life jacket.
There are also sudden places of flow that seems to be swept away soon, but it is fun because it is unexpectedly easy to slide down as you enter it!

A lot of sense of adventure


After having enjoyed for a while, the guide admired the adventure feeling as descending down the river, such as hanging descending with the rope which the guide undoubtedly prevailed.
And as we got out of the river and climbed the slope as a matter of course, it was a dead end. There is a waterfall next to it, and it goes out to a high place where I can see the waterfall underneath.
Yes, it's an exciting point of waiting

As the guide has already drawn the rope from the edge of the cliff to the bottom
As you can imagine, what you do from here is like hanging from this rope and getting down to the waterfall like a zip line.
How seems to be fun ~! There is no doubt that tension will also rise.


Turning down in the Tarzan mood to go down, finally arrive at Zaboon and lively water!
Very comfortable.

As everyone thinks that the guide will go ahead with the rope removed
Falls dive competition starts this time from the same place! !

Waterfall dive! !

Although I got assistance of the rope a while ago, I got off happily, but when it jumps in, it gets chapped a bit ...
No, it is quite expensive. Because there is 5 to 6 m.

First of all, the first Kitada is a bit lively but also a dive! ! Next, I and the editor-in-chief dive too!
Editor-in-chief Editor-in-chie is a very plunge that I can not imagine having had a fever very much until the previous day.
Because it is a moment if it gets off, it will be fun. All the adrenaline started already.

After enjoying for a while with a fallsfall, we will start falling down the river again.
We arrived at the goal while passing through the waterslider point etc getting off from the head in Superman style.


At the end the climbing slope to the road where the car is waiting is waiting
Since I use physical strength unexpectedly here, when I return to the car there is a high possibility that a lot of fatigue will appear.
So it is good to recommend bringing some drinks so that you can supply hydration when you return to the car.

I'm playing around the river! Canyoning highest! !

Because the guide helps the canyoning patchy, it can be enjoyed at least for the first experience
Since there is a life jacket, even if you are not so good at swimming, you can enjoy it, so you should consult in advance.
People who are not good at swimming and contact lenses okay if they bring goggles (goggles are often rented so please check at the time of booking)

And whatever you say, it will soak in the clear stream, so if it's raining a bit, it's a little messy.
It's an activity you can enjoy even in the rain!
It is also recommended for the sunny summer heat, but also recommended in July when it is hot and humid rainy season.
Canyoning is the best.

The kind and fun guides of Grandex Ontake Base.


Mr. Mikey (center), Mr. Jack (right), Masha (left)
Thank you very much!

Canyoning can be very fun to lead the guide, so please do join in a good friends group or even a small group!
There is no doubt that it will become a habit!

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area: Tokyo, Okutama

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