Flyboard feature · Part 2

The day before the rainy season of a certain day of June, we interviewed Okinawa Beach Gang Tokyo with two members, Editor - in - Chief and Taka, the author of the shooting group.
Okinawa Beach Gang Tokyo is a place where you can easily experience fly boards in the suburbs of Tokyo

Flyboard image

You can even flyboard in Tokyo! !

Mr. Kusumoto who is the store manager of the Edogawa store, we gotten coverage pleasantly
Change to a bathing suit (wear a rush guard or a wet suit depending on a person) After receiving a lecture, transfer to a floating island set in the Edogawa by a motor boat
Then, as it is said that two female girls are already challenging the flyboard, so I took a while a while, but it seems to be difficult to surprise

Flyboard image

Advanced technique technique burst

At the end of the women, first of all, the instructor showed a demonstration by saying a model example

Flyboard image

As expected it is an instructor. Although he freely manipulated the fly board, grabbing and dolphin jumping and others showed a lot of skills very easily, but this is amazing when it looks close at hand!

I admire that it is a fascinating sport. And expectation also increases

Come on, fryboard experience

From here it's finally a flyboard experience
Wear a life jacket, wear a helmet and wear boots. Since the boots and the board are fixed in a unitary style, it means that wearing boots = wearing a board

Flyboard image

When you are ready, go inside the river. When entering the water the body will float thanks to the life jacket, so if you wait a little lying on your back
As we move the water bike engine after the signal, follow the instructions of the instructor, move to a place away from the floating island
When you arrive at the designated place, you stop once and lie down on the street, then let the engine run over in order to surf
Beginners can not turn yet, so they will go relatively straight forward, so if you go for a while you will not move and you will move farther and farther
Therefore, in order to adjust the orientation and position, you will face upside down with the movement to lift your water motorbike and lie face-to-face, alternating with standby alternately

It's fun even if it can not rise well

As I was told by Kusumoto Kusumoto in advance that the experienced snowboarding is easy to grasp, I thought that the snowboarding history could be fly as a moderately long author
I thought that the sense of balance of honesty would be similar to snowboarding, but this is not fluid as the bottom is a fluid
If you think about it, in the case of snowboarding, the point of the start of sliding is not unstable so far and it is not said that he stands suddenly on new snow powder of no pressure snow, so the procedure seems to be slightly different

That's why I was not encouraged by Ms. Kusumoto's empty image and I could not immediately rise
However, although it did not reach as much as to grab a knack, it is still fun if it can surf.
Just being able to stabilize in the air will sink or collapse quickly.
Of course the bottom is not snow but water, so it will be safe since things will not happen that the neck will hurt the next day after becoming a reverse edge

Next challenge on turn

Speaking of the editor-in-chief, in fact, the fly board seems to have grabbed a knack by regaining its sensation soon after a second challenge, keeping a fairly stable posture, and from the way to the instructor on the way I was showing margin enough to ask
As expected, we are the editor-in-chie and the streaky is pretty good

Flyboard image

After finishing and returning to Ukishima, the editor-in-chief editor-in-chief feels pretty satisfying feeling better with his own improvement
It seems that Kusumoto is somewhat able to take a ride when it comes to the second time, but still it is still good
By the way, when it is possible to continue stable posture after floating, it seems that it is possible to raise the altitude and step up to turn next
Needless to say, if you have done it once without having a repeater, it would be better to challenge the neighborhood next
Next time I want you to challenge the dolphin dive!

Ikemen aligned instructor

The instructor of Okinawa Beach Gang Tokyo is a handsome guy including Kusumoto
Girls may be worth going for the instructor's aim (laugh)

Flyboard image

Even so, fryboards are pretty fun! ! It is absolutely recommended!
Next is your turn

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