Flyboard feature

Do you know flyboard?

Even if I have never heard of the name, maybe I have seen a mysterious figure once floating in the air at the CM of a certain search site last year?

Flyboard image

Looking at this figure, what is this fun! People who thought ...
Yes, Welcome to Activity Japan!

I wanted to do it before long! People who ...
I can do it. If you look for activity in Japan.

It's like a back-to-the-future skateboarder with Marty on board! Or the opening ceremony of the Los Angeles Olympics and James Bond of Never Say Never Again! Those who thought,
A generation can come out (lol)
But you can experience such SF movies.

Yes, that's the activity we introduce in this feature, flyboard.

So that flyboard is hot this summer too!

Activity As Japan, there are several activities that you would absolutely want to do this summer, but the most noteworthy activity among them is the fly board.

Flyboard image

This slightly mysterious figure flying in the air is attracted to everyone ...
Nothing to challenge, how is it actually flying? ! Is not there a lot of people who have doubts about?

Why are the flying boards floating?

So, if you explain the mechanism by which flying board flying in the sky easily
First, the fly board uses the propulsion power of the water jet of the engine on the rear of the water bike.
As to how to use it, connect the rear nozzle of the water bike and the fly board with a hose, and spray the power of the water jet from the fly board.

Flyboard image

Because the injection direction faces the lower side of the fly board, the thrust force works in the upper direction with respect to the board, so if it is parallel to the water surface it can float with water pressure. By the way, since the injection port is not variable and fixed, it can not be operated.

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How to manipulate the board is to operate by balancing the body and tilting the board back and forth and to the left and right.
This way of balancing is close to that of the so-called side riding sports.

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The player puts his feet in the boots of the fly board and tightens the string, but since the boots are completely fixed to the board, it is sensibly a little close to the snowboard.

Water bike is driving force

That's why a water motorcycle, which is a driving source of power, can not self-propel because its propulsive force has been taken by the fly board.
However, since you can not obtain driving force to not move the engine of a water bike, the fly board will be called a water bike and one set.
And as a matter of course it is impossible to ride a motorcycle engine or to have strengths on board, so we have to ask a pilot of a water motorcycle to have it separately.

Flyboard image

Sideways riding sports of a new sense

From the above mechanism, as with wakeboards, the fly board is a sport that you can not start and stop by yourself and you can not do it alone.
As for a water motorcycle, because the hose is quite long, there is no feeling or feeling that it is pulling a water motorbike at all and it will be pulled slowly as the player moves in the water or in the air A player who is inevitably skillful moves in a circle in the air in relation to the water surface.
And it is also a characteristic of the fly board that you can make amazing movements with sports on water.

Flyboard image

Next time I will tell you about the skill of such an advanced person and our experience.

This summer, a hottest activity, the fly board >>

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