Hot Yuuki YamamotoKumagawa River Rafting Again (Kumamoto)

Kanemoto's demon sergeant

Sparta staff ((((; ゚ Д ゚)) about as much as "sergeant" and a nickname gets attached to) but also "severity" leads to "safety" so I agree with Activity Japan! If you showed me this smile after receiving Sparta guidance, I will colonize! LOL

Staff Profile

nicknameYU-KI Birth date / HometownApril 21, Showa 53 / Kumamoto Area / SHOP nameKumamoto Rumikawa / Takuma river rafting Again ActivityRafting


It is a Sparta system which is like "Sergeant" and a nickname are attached to the intensity of rafting tour too much from customers. Even so, the boy 's YU - KI instructor is a gentleman on land, but when you ride a boat it is a serious change in seriously a sergeant to a hot blood tail.

Q & A

Q The chance to become a guide:
Kumagawa River Rafting Again (Kumamoto) It was a pleasure to have a friend ride as a customer, as a result of having a friend rafting instructor and going as a customer, but as a matter of course it was fun, but I became a cool instructor for my friend who is manipulating the boat by myself.
Q Tell me the appealing point of the shop! :
Kumagawa River Rafting Again (Kumamoto) Since many instructors are enrolled, we will prepare a tour of your choice from small customers to elderly people. The career history of the instructor is long, there are also qualified persons and female instructors so we can accept nominations in case of hope. In the 1-day course, you can make BBQ along the river as lunch. What Again offers to customers is not only "fun" but also putting emphasis on safety. Each instructor enrolled in a course, instructor's skill improvement course, thorough guidance, individual training etc will be highly conscious and we will navigate the rafting tour.

It is information as of August 2016 ※.

recommend plan

Let's go see YU-KI! !If you experience rafting at the "Japan Big Rapids" "Rumikawa River" at "Tamagawa River Rafting Again"! It is also recommended to have a plan with BBQ ~.

Plan of the Tumagawa Rafting Again Again


[Kumamoto Kuma River] Family for beginners! Rafting experience (short course)

5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

It has become a family-friendly, for beginners course. Wave will be happy to experience a gentle upstream course. Recommended for those who want to feel free to challenge a short time! Lunch BBQ is put in the yen +1500.


[Kumamoto Kuma River] happily solve the lack of exercise! Rafting (half course)

7,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

Who might ... that tired to rafting one day of a lack of exercise on a regular basis is, Why not try from from this course ★ lunch BBQ will be put in the yen +1500.


[Kumamoto Kuma River] with BBQ! Daily stress divergence enjoying the great outdoors! Rafting (1 day course)

11,000yen~​ ​(tax included)