We started accepting reservations for buffet cruising experience at Christmas in Odaiba

Do you know that fireworks can be seen in Odaiba on Saturday December? On December 24th we started accepting reservations for buffet cruising experience at Christmas in Odaiba on Saturday.

The schedule for Christmas Eve this year is decided by fireworks cruise! Do not drink too much though gorgeous free drink menu
Anniversary Cruise

【東京・お台場発】東京湾・サンタクルーズ☆HAPPY CHRISTMAS☆乗合・60分フリードリンク

プランID:14399Anniversary Cruise
5,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

Xmasのご予定は立てていますか? まだの方も、すでにご予定済みの方も、お台場発の東京湾クルージングを組み込んでみてはいかがですか? かしこまらずに気楽にたのしめる、Anniversary Cruiseの60分クルーズ。 東京湾のロマンチックな景色を楽しんで頂ける2つのプランでXmasを盛り上げます♪

A pirate ship is recommended for the family 's Christmas Eve, will Santa come to the pirate ship?
Anniversary Cruise


プランID:14400Anniversary Cruise
10,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

Xmasのご予定は立てていますか? まだの方も、すでにご予定済みの方も、お台場発の東京湾クルージングを組み込んでみてはいかがですか? かしこまらずに気楽にたのしめる、Anniversary Cruiseの90分クルーズ。 Xmas限定プレートと東京湾のロマンチックな景色を楽しんで頂けるプランでXmasを盛り上げます♪

Christmas Eve luxury plan to see fireworks together with illumination of the Meguro River
After watching the illumination on the bus from Tokyo Station on Christmas Eve ♪ by cruising fireworks in Odaiba
Let's take a cart by yourself in Odaiba and go to see the fireworks of Eve. 3 hour course that does not bother time!
Christmas Eve's eclectic! How about watching fireworks from a houseboat?
Yakatabune Harumiya

[Tokyo・Harumi] Yakatabune Experience! Discover Japan's Beauty With Your Five Senses (shared use / from 2 persons)

プランID:14131Yakatabune Harumiya
10,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

Houseboat is restaurant that just floats on the surface of the water. Is 150 minutes of the plan to enjoy the night view and delicious cuisine of Tokyo Bay. Scenery, dishes, you can enjoy hospitality ... of Japan to "chic" in the five senses.

Please contact us immediately before reservation · group etc
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