2016 definitive edition! Asakusa hands-on tourism recommend carefully selected spot!

2016 definitive edition! Asakusa hands-on tourism recommend carefully selected spot!

A lot of tourists visiting Japan are currently visiting Asakusa in Tokyo, but do you actually know that it is a classic spot that tourists visit from Hokkaido, Osaka and Fukuoka other than the Kanto area as well?

Activity Japan will propose a carefully selected spot of Asakusa experienced tourism recommendation that will still be in time soon.

Asakusa Experience Sightseeing Recommended Top Sights

アルチザン・シマ 蔵前教室

【東京・蔵前・浅草橋】 リアルでかわいい動物のマスコット作り! 羊毛フェルト体験コース

プランID:13601アルチザン・シマ 蔵前教室
3,780yen~​ ​(tax included)

羊毛フェルトで動物のマスコット人形づくりに挑戦! リアルでぬくもりある作品で定評のある講師が、リアルにかわいく仕上げるコツを丁寧に教えます。

Adult classroom

[Asakusa, Tokyo] learn to eat the essence of Edo-style sushi! Long-established sushi shop of General Jikiden [Edo-style sushi classroom]

プランID:13403Adult classroom
8,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

Without hesitation even in luxury shops, through that taste the sushi without hesitation Edo. The culture of such sushi, is a plan that gonna to learn while enjoying the work of Edo style. The tells us, the long-established sushi shop "help sushi" of Kappa Bridge husband. While We the occasional relish the finest sushi 10 consistent with using the finest story stocking in, stylish behavior and etiquette at the store, you will learn the knowledge surrounding Edo-style sushi.

Adult classroom

【Tokyo · Asakusa】 Luxuriously dining table with a little ingenuity! Dining table decoration (vegetable / fruit carving)

プランID:13401Adult classroom
6,980yen~​ ​(tax included)

Fruit & Vegetable Carving addition to the basic techniques of, decorations complement the lunch and party cuisine, decoration cutting and Haran cutting help in Japanese, you will learn and simple snack of decoration using the food in the refrigerator. As a souvenir, it is with a gift certificate of 2,000 yen that can be used with a knife shop ♪

Adult classroom

[Asakusa, Tokyo] once you learn can make at home if! Gift to perfect [Soap Carving classroom]

プランID:13402Adult classroom
4,980yen~​ ​(tax included)

Techniques for performing the beautiful decoration with soap "soap carving". You will learn in the experience of the delicate and 2 hours Art to look good. Material is only colorful soap and carving knife. Anyone can easily work making once you even remember basic. Soap art that can decorate your room in a nice, why not try all means experience?

Funayado Tsurishin

【Tokyo・Asakusa】House boat tour around Tokyo (Sumidagawa River cruise with Nishiki lunch set)

プランID:13390Funayado Tsurishin
9,072yen~​ ​(tax included)


Sum Nariya

[Asakusa, Tokyo] indigo dyeing experience in downtown Tokyo! Let Someyo choose a favorite item [stencil dyeing]

プランID:13383Sum Nariya
3,420yen~​ ​(tax included)

In the "sum Nariya", you can indigo dyeing experience using the present indigo. In this plan, you will be dyed a favorite item in the traditional "stencil dyeing" technique from the ancient times. Or different from the tie-dye, it is possible to enjoy the splendor of indigo. Come indigo dyeing experience in Asakusa!

Sum Nariya

[Asakusa, Tokyo] weaving experience in downtown Tokyo! Let Oro the favorite interior items

プランID:13384Sum Nariya
1,980yen~​ ​(tax included)

In the "sum Nariya", you can experience a full-fledged weaving. Prepare eight of weaving, to people from the children of our elderly, anyone you can feel free to enjoy the weaving. By all means in Asakusa a weaving experience!