1 day model course to enjoy Okinawa trip

Precipitation fall of Okinawa climate is stable and even less, even cheap recommended travel expenses as compared to the top season!Justavi (Justavi)× Let's enjoy the Okinawa trip 100 times with the activity experience! !

What is Justavi (Justavi)?

1 day model course to enjoy Okinawa trip

Justavi (Justavi) Matching services for rent-a-car travelers and drivers is. Guests can freely select the locals Nanchu (Okinawa people) who are registered in the Jasutibi site and ask for driving and enjoy sightseeing in Okinawa. You can arrange rent-a-car yourself, Justavi can arrange the driver only.

Flow of usage ~ How to Use ~
1 day model course to enjoy Okinawa trip

The schedule of the day, the location and time of waiting, necessary expenses other than the driver fee, etc., concerns and doubts can be prevented by checking the driver in advance by using the message function beforehand. For details on usageClick hereFrom! !

Justavi = Just + Journey + navi

Justavi (Justavi) will help your guest with free travel. In the case of group tours and sightseeing by tours, it tends to go around classic tourist routes, limited facilities and activities in a limited range. But, Even though it is not on the guide book or the Internet in Okinawa, there are plenty of small shops and sites that are popular locally, and recommended tourist spots. If you are registering at the Jasutibi site local Nuncho (people of Okinawa), of course, we will also introduce the recommended spot unique to the local people!

1 day model course to enjoy Okinawa trip
The Justavi driver will meet you at the airport

Justavi × Recommended Activity

That means that! If you use Justavi (Justavi) and you find exclusive drivers for you, There is nothing like a rent-a-car trip "Who drives ~?" Or "I, I can not drink!"

Moreover! Speaking of Okinawa, Japan's leading activity is heaven! It is safe even if you play as much as you like in the sea or mountains and become hesitant! Cheers with Orion beer after the activity! Anything can be enjoyed by all!

Let's introduce Justavi (Justavi) × Activity experience model course recommended by Activity Japan! Please enjoy Okinawa not listed in the guidebook ~.

① First of all, go for it with Okinawa Food!
1 day model course to enjoy Okinawa trip

If you enjoy the schedule of traveling, we recommend arrival in the morning ~ noon! Let's quickly introduce the recommended lunch of the nearby when meeting with the driver at the airport. Okinawa soba and taco rice, set-up shop unique to Okinawa etc. If you ask our house (people of Okinawa) there is no gimmick! !

② Resort area Activities in Onna village (about 1 hour from the airport)
1 day model course to enjoy Okinawa trip

If it is Okinawa, absolute marine activity first! Snorkeling and diving, banana boat and popular SUP (stand up paddle board) etc, Activities that you can play in the seas all year round Heaven Is it! !

↓ Now popularity is here ↓
SUP & Snorkeling
Nature Service Mahae

[Okinawa Onna guide Exclusive! SUP experience & blue cave snorkeling photography and with SD card gift!

プランID:10835Nature Service Mahae
8,500yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

沖縄の海の上を歩くように進む「SUP(スタンダップパドルボート)」と、当ショップ一番人気の「青の洞窟シュノーケリング」の二つを楽しめる。 贅沢至極・爽快感抜群のアクティビティーコース!! もちろんガイド貸切!初心者でも簡単に楽しめます♪ SUPでの海上散歩とシュノーケリングでの洞窟探検。 どちらも異なる沖縄の海の魅力を存分に楽しめる一押しのコースです。

C walk
セブンオーシャンズクラブ(SEVEN OCEAN'S CLUB)

[Okinawa Onna Village] is a wide field of view because the large helmet! Free to stroll Marine Walk the ocean floor!

プランID:10197セブンオーシャンズクラブ(SEVEN OCEAN'S CLUB)
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Marine Walk dedicated helmet of room size. Can be field of view overlooking the surrounding widely, glasses use is also possible. Staff of the diver & Marine Walk instructor qualified personnel will guide you. Beginners and children can also feel free to experience. Feeding that can be seen up close the image data gifts and fish taken in the water is also included in the price. You can enjoy the fantastic world whole.

Various Combo
Okinawa Blue Link (Okinawa Blue Link)

[Okinawa Onna] banana boating unlimited course play equipment Wake board 120 minutes play unlimited plan

プランID:5118Okinawa Blue Link (Okinawa Blue Link)
8,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Popular Marin play equipment banana boat or U tube. In addition, the popularity of water sports, 120 minutes play unlimited courses in wakeboard! It will be available from 2 persons. ※ banana boat is 3-seater. This is an 8-seater future additional plans.


③ When you move the body, drink with beer! ro breath at the cafe where you can see the ocean
1 day model course to enjoy Okinawa trip

After enjoying the activities a lot, the toast is best with Orion beer! Luxury that can be done because there are Jasutbi drivers! ! Only a driver is juice ... Nothing! Let's take a breath at the cafe of the driver 's recommendation if "Alcohol is tolerance until the night!"

④ In the afternoon, make Okinawa traditional craft with Nago! (Travel time about 40 minutes)
1 day model course to enjoy Okinawa trip

Most people come to Okinawa Almost almost definitely experiencing traditional crafts such as "Shisa making" and "Ryukyu glass experience" is. "Those who control solidity will control tourism" It will be an absolutely memorable experience ~.

↓ Now popularity is here ↓
Schiesser making
体験工房&沖縄雑貨 Atelier43


プランID:11610体験工房&沖縄雑貨 Atelier43
2,500yen2,000yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

I want to make a Schiesser itself! It is you to recommend the plan creative impulse vigorous that. Use the clay, is sea Sir making carried out until firing. Color painting there is your time too! Customers are said to be, the painting also ♪ work after baked You can pass it to experience the day.

Experience the Ryukyus glass
Handmade Ryukyu glass workshop Okinawa craft villages

[Okinawa Yomitan] experience time of 15 minutes! Let's make Okinawa Ryukyu glass! Glassblowing experience

プランID:12566Handmade Ryukyu glass workshop Okinawa craft villages
2,700yen~​ ​(tax included)

Also recommended after the marine activity! A full-fledged studio, you can blow glass experience! It is also ideal for souvenir!

Schiesser making
Okinawa Shisa making cafe antenna

[Okinawa Motobu optimum in Okinawa souvenir! Have fun making original "Schiesser"

プランID:12546Okinawa Shisa making cafe antenna
2,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

沖縄北部、国道449号線沿いにあるカフェ「沖縄シーサー作りカフェ アンテナ 」では、お好みに合わせてさまざまなモノづくりが体験できます。当プランでは、沖縄の工芸品「シーサー」を手作りすることができます。


⑤ Go to the sunset spot of the driver's recommendation
1 day model course to enjoy Okinawa trip

Go to the sunset spot of the driver 's recommendation aiming for sunset time! There is "red" that you can never see in the city. If you come to Okinawa Always leave the schedule time to enjoy the sunset! It is safe to pick up and return to the hotel by returning the recommended dinner spot and returning!

How was it? It looks funny. If you use Justavi (Justavi) matching service of travelers and local drivers who will extend the range of Okinawa sightseeing, Okinawa sightseeing and experiencing activities will be 100 times fun! ! Please use together with Activity Japan by all means ~. To the official site for details! !

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