How to fly bungee jumps with great advantage! 2016

Let's experience bungee jumping advantageously

In April, all bungee jumps managed and operated by familiar Bungy Japan in Japan's only bungee jumping company will be lifted.
This time we will introduce information that you can fly with Matsukagyo Bungee, Ryujin Bungey, Itsuki Bungei, which are already operating throughout the year, and Makanami Bungey who can not wait to resume.

BUNGY JAPAN (bungee Japan) Sarugakyo bungee

[Gunma, Sarugakyo] bungee jump from a height of 62m in the hot springs! "Sarugakyo bungee"

BUNGY JAPAN (bungee Japan) Sarugakyo bungee
11,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

2013年夏、猿ヶ京水管橋にシーズン常設サイトとしてオープンしたブリッジバンジー! みなかみバンジーから車で30分の場所にある閑静な猿ヶ京温泉エリアに位置し、周囲を静かな森に囲まれた深い渓谷を目前に、湖面に向かってジャンプ。大自然への融合が体感できます。高さはダム湖の水位により変動します。 ※こちらのプランはポイント・クーポンの利用はできません。 ※バンジージャンプリピーター割引(認定証)の適用はできません。 開始時間の15分前にはご集合ください。

Bungee jumping is advantageous if you fly more than once on the same day

In bungee jumps operated by Bungee Japan, if you challenge bungee jumping for the second time on the same day you flew the first flight, you can fly again at the first 50% ~ 60% charge. You can reserve at Activity Japan and fly it and you can feel free to rechallenge in the field if you feel that you want to fly again.

Bungee jump fly more than twice on the same day and experience better
First at orthodox
BUNGY JAPAN (bungee Japan) Itsuki bungee

[Kumamoto Itsuki village height up to 66m! West only bungee jump "Itsuki bungee"

BUNGY JAPAN (bungee Japan) Itsuki bungee
12,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

西日本唯一のブリッジバンジー!太陽があたると光り輝くエメラルド色の清流、川に向かって飛び出す爽快さは格別です。 また、コンクリートの橋脚に沿って身を任せるバンジーはスリル満点です! ※こちらのプランはポイント・クーポンの利用はできません。 ※バンジージャンプリピーター割引(認定証)の適用はできません。 開始時間の15分前にはご集合ください。

Bungee jumping where you flew once you fly on a different day

In the bungee jumps operated by Bungee Japan, if you are already at the bungee jumping place you are already flying, just present the certificate and identification card you can get at that place, experience the second and subsequent bungee jumps experienced You can do it. Let's enjoy the bungy experience with the feeling of stepping up as a bungee jumper.

Bungee jump fly on another day and experience better
If you get used to change the bungee
Shonan cloisonne (SHONANSHIPPOYAKI)

[In a contemporary style the traditional craft of cloisonne] [Kanagawa Shonan] making Mon painting experience de treasure

Shonan cloisonne (SHONANSHIPPOYAKI)
2,808yen~​ ​(tax included)

伝統工芸の七宝焼きを気軽に体験できるプランです。湘南七宝焼式の絵付け体験で、インテリア、お皿、アクセサリーが制作できます。 制作時間は約2時間(絵付け1時間、乾燥・焼成1時間)、作品は当日お持ち帰り。 お時間のない方は、後日受取りや配送も可能です。

Flying bungee jumps all over Japan and great deals

In the bungee jumps operated by Bungee Japan, you can experience bungee jumping in other places at a convenient price by 1,000 yen discount from the initial charge by presenting the certificate issued by Bungy Japan and identification card. Please present the certificate and ID card at the site even after booking at the activity Japan.

Experience by flying over bungee jumps across Japan
Let's enjoy bungee until you get used to flying
BUNGY JAPAN (bungee Japan) dragon bungee

[Ibaraki, dragon large suspension bridge] spectacular bungee jump from Japan height of 100m! Dragon large suspension bridge "dragon bungee"

BUNGY JAPAN (bungee Japan) dragon bungee
16,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

竜神大吊橋からのバンジージャンプは高さ日本一の100メートル!シーズン常設開催サイトとして日本最大級となります!高い場所を得意とするバンジーのスタッフでさえ「想像以上のスリル」とコメントするほど。極上のスリルを体験してみては!? ※こちらのプランはポイント・クーポンの利用はできません。 ※バンジージャンプリピーター割引(認定証)の適用はできません。 開始時間の15分前にはご集合ください。

Present campaign for cherry-blossom season

Bungee Japan seems to present gorgeous prizes to you who are seeking adventure for the ultimate experience during the cherry-blossom season.
For details, please visit the Facebook page of Bungee Japan.

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How to fly bungee jumps with great advantage! 2016
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