Enjoy stand-up paddle board (SUP) in the ocean

Enjoy stand-up paddle board (SUP) in the ocean

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) and Wetsuit

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) is a sport that rides on the board while standing on the board and rows using oars. As a feature, I feel like I can ride on canoes rather than surfing, ride on the waves with speed and ride on the slope. Basically, it means that the body can not get wet with water, by standing and getting on, but wearing a wet suit is better. It is because the wet suit has a role to protect the body. It has the role not only of water temperature and temperature, but also of protecting your body from injury and protecting from sunburn.

Rental stand-up paddle board (SUP) etc.

Since the stand-up paddle board (SUP) is done in a place with waves in the sea, it will be enjoyed in the same place as the person who is doing surfing and body board. When you start stand-up paddle board (SUP) you must be able to practice and control the board. It is necessary at the same time to memorize rules and manners in the sea, and it is necessary to start with receiving guidance from the school, seniors and advanced people. In the meantime, you can also rent a board and a wet suit. It is important to be able to acquire a sense. It is to control thoroughly.

Buy standup paddle boards (SUP) suitable for you

Stand-up paddle board (SUP) requires all, board, wet suit. You will be able to go out to the sea by rowing yourself and if you can control the board well and get on board it is still a good fit for you. It is good to stick to the design as well as the size of the board. You can also appeal your own original character. Also, if you buy a wet suit, it is easier for you to buy things ordered according to your body and it is good to be tired. Let's have fun with tools such as life jackets and leash cords.