Enjoy stand up paddle board (SUP) on Miyakojima

Enjoy stand up paddle board (SUP) on Miyakojima

About the stand-up paddle whose popularity is increasing

Currently, the trend is expanding globally, and the number of fans is increasing in Japan, and the stand up paddle board (SUP) is growing in popularity. In recent years, there are many people who do not know much about stand-up paddles because they are rapidly increasing popularity activities. A stand-up paddle board (SUP) is a new crossover sports which stands on a board resembling a surfboard and holds a paddle used for canoeing and rows along the surface of the water. Besides enjoying on the waves in the sea, like surfing, you can enjoy it on your own pace even on a lake without waves.

The point where you can stand up paddle in Miyakojima

Unlike surfing where waves are powered, moving forward by riding a wave, the stand-up paddle board (SUP) can move as desired with a paddle always grasping. As a result, we can also proceed with lakes with no waves and weak streams. However, in Miyakojima, the sea which is higher in transparency is visible as far as the bottom, so it is recommended to enjoy stand up paddle board (SUP) in the sea. For Miyakojima, the experience class is open at Maehama that is popular. Even those who are not good at standing on the board in the presence of waves are relatively easy to learn from normal ocean because Miyakojima is relatively calm.

When you enjoy stand-up paddle, how about moving to Miyakojima?

When enjoying Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), there are several essential items such as boards, paddles, cords, wet suit etc. Move to Miyakojima? There are also many questions. The most effective way to go to the site is to use a car but when you visit a remote island such as Miyakojima you need attention. Boards to be used on Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) must be applied in advance if they are to be carried on an airplane longer than surfing long boards. There is also a high possibility that the fins will be broken during transportation. Therefore, if you have plenty of schedule, we recommend using ferries. Let's go to the spot with a car as the points you can do in Miyakojima are far from the airport and the harbor!