Canyoning at the water (Minakami)! What is the amount and time required to go by train?

Canyoning at the water (Minakami)! What is the amount and time required to go by train?

Minakami (Minakami) is a town in the Tone River source district at the foot of Mt. Tanigawa

Minakami Town located near the border with Niigata in the northern part of Gumma Prefecture. Surrounded by beautiful mountains such as Tanigawa-dake in the country's first grade, there are Canyon's Minakami in a rich natural place where a clean Tone River source flows. Minakami-cho is a 2-hour drive from downtown with great access to nature and access, and also allows access by using the Joetsu Shinkansen trap. There are many uses of families and groups that want to enjoy outdoor, including canyoning. In the town, hot springs with plenty of hot springs are also gushing out, and after having enjoyed the magnificent nature, they relax and soak in the hot springs and refresh mentally and physically. It is a spot where you can fully enjoy nature and hot springs.

If you go by train, take a Joetsu Shinkansen. Back trick access method?

Canyoning on the water (Minakami), the Joetsu Shinkansen is the easiest if you go by train from within Tokyo. The journey takes 1 hour and 18 minutes from Tokyo. In the past, the limited express water departed from Ueno station, but please note that due to the diamond revision, it was only busy season. From Kamiko Kogen stations to the canyoning spot is straight with a shuttle car. It takes about 25 minutes to arrive if you take a pick-up car. Here is a trick that does not appear on the official homepage which uses youth 18 tickets. Actually Canyons Minakami is at a distance of about 11 minutes on foot from JR Yuzuso (Yubiso) station. The number of Joetsu lines is small, but I want to go cheap anyway! Recommended for those who like it.

Canyoning takes 2 hours to complete! How much is the bullet train?

If you go by the Joetsu Shinkansen, get off at Kamiko Kogen station. The amount of money is 5910 yen (normal term) for one-way ticket and designated seat limited express tickets if riding from Tokyo. Since the diamond itself is about 1 to 2 in 1 hour, let's check information such as transit in advance. Especially summer vacation facilities and Shinkansen crowded, so it is best to put an early reservation. If you use 18 yoke tickets for the youth of the tricky 5 spells with 11850 yen ÷ 5 2370 yen. In this case, the nearest station is Yuzuzo Station, one stop from Mizukami Station. Since it is not possible to use limited express, it takes more time than Shinkansen, but youth 18 tickets can also be used for groups. It is recommended for those who want to taste the mood of traveling with a timetable.