Recently Boom Canyoning Technique

Recently Boom Canyoning Technique

How can I do good canyoning?

There may be many people who have already experienced canyoning, which has become popular recently. Canyoning is easy to understand if it is thought that it is opposite to the climbing mountain which goes along the river flow. You can freely play on the way or swim, and as the difficulty rises you go down the waterfall with a rope, jump into a waterfall, and so on. Then, I think there is such a doubt as "Can you get better in canyoning?" However, it is a point that experience gets more important than a technique rather than just a technique.

Still want to know, one step ahead technique

As with anything, what is most needed to improve is iterative practice. Still, there is some technique that goes one step ahead, and if it says anything, it is to know nature and to add physical strength and strength. Canyoning is not an attraction of the population but progresses in nature, hence it is necessary to know the partner. In order to proceed further, stamina is also required, so if you are not confident you should train yourself with self-training, etc., the preparation will become more important.

Let's say the final decision word after achieving

Canyoning basically becomes action free, but if you change viewpoint it will go towards the purpose. In a way it can be said that it is a way of suffering, but not going on a usual road, but in the river which is not used first in everyday life, as it goes through impossible places such as waterfalls, so excitement and There is impression there. And in order to keep that feeling next, it may be nice to talk about the final decision dialogue to Akatsuki when you have successfully scored a goal. The goal of going ahead a long way, think hard, so please think about moving words!