Enjoy outdoor activities in canoes and kayaks

Enjoy outdoor activities in canoes and kayaks

What is the characteristic of sea kayak with its unity with the ocean

As an outdoor where you can enjoy a sense of unity with nature, canoes and kayaks are gaining popularity. Among them, the sea kayaking which waves are calm and enjoy on a sunny day is the best recommendation. The characteristic of the sea kayak is that you can feel a sense of unity with the sea. I can not tell the feeling of exhilaration by rowing a paddle with seaside scraping unless it is a person who experienced it. It is also a feature of sea kayaking that you can easily go to caverns that can not be brought near by boats. Near the cliff which we usually see only from the land, if it is a sea kayaking, we can approach it. Why do not you look for a scenic point that only you know.

If you are going to start a sea kayak, first of all it's a rental sea kayak

If you are starting a canoe / kayak, you do not have to buy your own canoe / kayak by forcibly. Rental is recommended within the first. Normally the sea kayak says what the waist is entering with Supori, but there are also types that sit like a canoe like Sit On. So try to rent various types of sea kayak in the first, and then proceed to buy the type of sea kayak you like. In the case of rental, you can borrow at around 1000 yen per hour for about 1 hour, so first enjoy it with rental as much as you want, and then buy it from then on is not too late.

Buy your own sea kayak if you get used to it

By the time I get used to canoe / kayak to a certain extent, I want a sea kayak dedicated to myself. The price is inconvenient, there are things that cost around 50,000 yen if it is cheap, and some 100,000 yen if it is expensive. If you are going to purchase it first, I think that it is enough around 50,000 yen. Recently it is a popular outdoor sports, so if you search for it, there will be a second hand of the bargain. And if you buy your own sea kayak, you will also need a carrier to get on the car. Since the career itself is not so expensive, let's go buy it together and go out to find your own unique scenery point.