Surfing upper body training, lower body training, necessity of each training

Surfing upper body training, lower body training, necessity of each training

The necessity of training is high to enjoy surfing!

Surfing which many people enjoy can not be done everyday.
Most of those who are enjoying surfing as a hobby are about once or twice a week.
Because it is also a sport that is said to be difficult even just it is, it is an indispensable condition to enjoy physical strength and daily muscle strength from daily.
Also, it will be a sport that requires hard movements as well, so daily exercise leads to prevention of injuries.
Even taking this into consideration, the necessity of training is high.
It is safe to say that you can use parts of the body that you can not move easily in everyday life, so to avoid straining your body by sudden exercise, you also want to routinely perform stretching, etc. according to strength, strength I can say that.

Paddling which becomes essential condition is trained with training of upper body!

Paddling is an essential condition to enjoy surfing from beginners to professional surfers.
If you strengthen paddling you can catch waves and you can ride a wave for the first time.
It is also a representative presence of upper body training, and it can be said that accumulation of daily training leads to high performance.
Trainings in the upper body are not easy as muscle strength unless you are conscious, so it is efficient to image the upper body while actually imaging the paddling.
It is also the appeal of the upper body that you can always expect an effect if you do it.

Lower-body training that enables instant action!

Besides being instantaneous power is needed is the lower body.
Standing on a surfboard and deciding a brilliant turn is also a technique that enables lower body training.
Especially training on lower thighs of thighs and calves is also effective in enjoying surfing, so training of lower body of daily life is something to be conscious of.
Even in the injured part, lower body training is effective.
Since lower part of the body is easy to get injured, it can be said that injuries can be avoided if you extend the range of motion by training.
Especially recommended is ankle stretch.