Let's start surfing

Let's start surfing

What is the minimum necessary tool to start surfing

Surfing is a sport that boards waves on board. Therefore, surf board is always necessary. Surfboards can be roughly divided into short boards, long boards, fan board of intermediate length and length. Be sure to prepare a leash code that connects the feet and the board so that the board does not flow next. Without the Leash code, you can endanger not only your own safety but also harm other people when the board flows. And we also need wax on the board to make a bumpy slip stop. Without this, I can not slip off the coast instead of getting on the waves. It is swimsuit or wet suit that you should not forget. These are the minimum necessary tools.

What is the point of choosing tools when starting surfing?

The point of tool selection is how to choose a board and wet suit. Basically boards are easy to ride with buoyant force, beginners are long and it is safe to choose a wide board. It will change even with your weight and height, so let's consult often at the shop. Initially, you can borrow a school rental board and buy it after you know what kind of sports surfing is. Next, the wet suit is pretty stressful if it does not fit me. Basically it is safe to purchase it by order. However, if it is not a long sleeve long trousers type fleece, it may be flexible to some extent. In that case it is okay with suspended items.

How to choose a good surf shop

Surf shop selection is also a big point. I would like to choose a shop where I can talk to him in various ways. To do that, let's first go to the shop. When I talk, I can understand that person's knowledge and parentship. Because the shop clerk of the shop is the same person, the one who chose the shop where there is a clerk who can make a relationship well can make a lot of success later. Also, where there is not much surf shop, a shop near the point you always go to will be good. Because I know well about that point. And then let's enjoy lots of waves and have fun!