How to improve surfing

How to improve surfing

First of all we need paddling to get out to the ocean

Surfing is addictive to a sense of exhilaration and a sense of exhilaration that waves ride in sports that take action on a wave.
However, surfing is a sport that needs physical fitness!
One of them has paddling. This is the basic in the basics, you can say that you can not enjoy surfing unless you can do this.
With this I can not get on the waves unless somehow it is off the coast. Paddling is necessary to go out of the way. That way you get into a stomach on a surfboard, going off the coast with a wave of water by hand by hand.
In fact this is quite difficult and you need tips to get it off the coast well.

How to do a good padding trick

In order to successfully paddle, I still need the trick. There are also a lot of things that people with confidence in muscle strength can not come out even if they try to go out to the ocean alone with that power.
First of all, it is a balance. It is a position to ride on the board, but not to get over the front and back as if coming to the center. And using your spine to distract your breasts.
Although there is a part of familiarity, it is first to make it well-balanced.
Next is to add strength to paddling. You do not have physical strength if you are doing full paddling all the way to go off the coast. When the waves are coming, it is good to slow down the waves, so you should row quickly when you settle down!

Training method for surfing progress

Since surfing is also a sports that uses the whole body, basically it will not hold if the abdominal muscle, back muscles are not strong.
This is a training that you can do at home soon so it would be nice to do it everyday. It is also a foot muscle in the sense that it trains large muscle again. You can incorporate squat.
By training several sets of abdominal muscles, back muscles, squats every day, we can put on considerable physical strength.
Also, with weight training, paddling will become stronger as you lift a light dumbbell.
Surfing needs to train large muscles while sustaining small muscles.
If you continue seriously it will be pretty good!