About stand-up paddle board (SUP) different from surfing

About stand-up paddle board (SUP) different from surfing

Stand up paddle Understand what surfing is and enjoy

Unlike surfing, Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) is a sport that does not involve a decline in age or fitness.
It is a sport that you can enjoy without trouble in the elderly who feel that physical strength has fallen, as it is different from surfing and activities that play with the waves using the whole body.
Unlike surfing, it does not necessarily need waves, so it is possible to go paddle at your own pace on a calm lake surface.
It is only suitable for the age that tends to be long in the room.
Actually, in Hawaii it is popular among elderly people, especially popular with those who keep in mind slow life.

There are many points that can be done in Nagano without sea

Nagano has no ocean and no matter whether you go out to the Sea of ​​Japan or the Pacific Ocean, you can not say that neither is close at the same distance.
The stand up paddle board (SUP) that you enjoy on the ocean is the most difficult to enjoy and it is often thought that enthusiasts will be forced to go out, but there is no such worry as a feature of the stand up paddle board (SUP).
Unlike usual surfing where waves are essential, unlike ordinary surfing where waves are necessary, it is possible to go anywhere as long as you have water by paddling without water even if you have water.
Therefore, it is said that Nagano is beautiful as Nagano flows clean water.
At that point, the point that can be done in Nagano is a river.

What is different when it is surfing? About the question

In the first place, what is different between stand-up paddle surfing and voice and surfing as to what is different from ordinary surfing? There are many voices.
The stand-up paddle board (SUP) seems to be enjoying riding on the same board as surfing, but it is different from surf board.
First of all, the board to be used is longer than the longboard of the surfboard, and the board to be used with the stand up paddle board (SUP) is thicker than the board.
In view of the fact that such thickness is large, some stand-up paddle board (SUP) boards have their hands on them.
You will be able to enjoy even more if you find such a similar part!