About the rafting guide of the rafting tour

About the rafting guide of the rafting tour

The rafting guide has a role to secure participants' safety

Rafting is an outdoor sport that carries out rapid river descent, and recently popularity has gathered in river descent by tour called commercial rafting.
There is a big rock in the torrent river, it will lead to a big accident if it crashes, it is also an outdoor sports with the danger of getting swallowed by a torrent river once falling out of the boat.
However, when organizing a tour, the staff with the technique called rafting guide invariably enters the boat, so while participating in the safety of participants, people participating in the rafting tour will be able to enjoy torrential river with confidence It becomes.

About how to become a rafting guide and training

The rafting guide features an important role of ensuring the safety of participants by always getting on a boat, such as when holding a tour called commercial rafting.
Commercial rafting is targeted at people over the age of 13 and will serve as a tour guide so that everyone can enjoy river descent with confidence.
The way to become a rafting guide is that you need to take a course called the Montbell Rafting Guide Training Course but this will be an intensive curriculum aimed at passing the guide certification exam by the General Association Rafting Association is.

About passport and salary becoming a rafting guide

Although it is said that you can take the duties as a guide by taking the Montbell Rafting Guide training course, you must pass not only the lectures but also the exams, and the training course is a difficult training , Only those who tolerate this training can take the duties as a tour guide.
Even though this has an important role of protecting the lives of all people who participate in the rafting tour, it will become qualified and able to earn salary through repeated rigorous training.
In addition, there is an advantage that you can know about river fun and dangerous things by repeated training.