Tips for taking aerial photographs with paragliding

Tips for taking aerial photographs with paragliding

A motor paraglider that can fly freely in the sky

There are many things called sky diving, hang gliders, parachutes and so on, called Sky Sports, but among them the one that is relatively easy to try even for beginners is called paraglider.

Unlike a hang glider, a paraglider can fly in the air while sitting on a chair, so the posture is also easy to stabilize, and the burden on the body is also small.

There is also called a motor paraglider that uses the propulsive power of the motor, which is more freedom to move than a normal paraglider, so you can enjoy a more active aerial walk.

Aerial shooting and method that is most suitable for flight at a paraglider

The attraction of a paraglider is that you can experience the unusual situation of easily flying in the sky, and you can see the ground overlooking from the angle you can not see usually.

There is a kind of aerial shooting that takes pictures and movies from the sky as a thing to enjoy the scenery from above.

Although it is necessary to have some kind of skill to do the aerial photograph, it is very attractive to be able to leave images and photos from the sky at hand.

As an aerial shooting method / suitable for paragliding, it is effective not to have a large size camera, but to choose a model that is excellent in portability.
In addition, it is possible to shoot more dynamic images by using wide-angle lenses.

Tips for taking safe and beautiful aerial shots with a paraglider

When photographing for the first time with a paraglider, it is important to first attach a sturdy strap to prevent the camera itself from falling.

Also, it is not easy to manipulate the camera in the air any more, so it is effective to use simple things that allow you to shoot with the camera alone before you get used to it.

In the air, it is sometimes impossible to concentrate on the operation of the camera, because of the influence of the air current and the wind, so it is a trick to shoot a beautiful video using an action camera that can be attached to a helmet etc at such occasion.
Regardless of whatever, it is important to leave beautiful images, but it is also important to have enough mental freedom so that it will not interfere with safe flights.