Let's enjoy a superb view with a paraglider

Let's enjoy a superb view with a paraglider

Let's look at Mount Fuji while flying freely in the sky

A paraglider is relatively easy to handle in sky sports and even beginners, opening a square parachute developed for sports on the ground, receiving the wind by running over the slope, and soaking up in the sky and gliding. No special muscular strength or stamina is required, and anyone can enjoy it if there is athletic ability to exercise.
It is possible wherever it is permitted in a place with slopes, so sometimes it is done in Mt. Fuji etc. Many people are fascinated by the contrast between the majestic mountain and the sky, and paragliding is becoming a popular sport.

You can fly freely in the sky and enjoy a spectacular view

And the charm of a paraglider is a magnificent view from the sky no matter what it is, it was originally one of the oldest dreams for people who are living with their feet on the ground to fly up in the sky. It does not enter the aircraft such as airplane, carries a parachute on the back, fly the sky by yourself, flying in the sky, this is a thing that anyone will be crazy if you play it even once.
Therefore, many repeaters, recently the number of girls has increased and gorgeousness has been increasing, so if you are interested please try to play once and actually experience the splendor and experience the wonderfulness is.

Paraglider's noteworthy point is the weather

If you have normal motor nerves paragliders that anyone can do, parachutes in the case of experiences will be lent out so you will not be prepared and you can do it without problems if you come in easy-to-move and safe clothes. But there is only one point to watch out for, it is the weather. Although it can be said to the general of Sky Sports which fly in the sky, not only rain but also strong wind etc. may be at risk, so if the weather worsens we have to cancel it. There is no point in doing impossible, there is a danger of life, so we have to keep this alone.