Who do not want to kayak, how much do you get with kayak tools?

Who do not want to kayak, how much do you get with kayak tools?

I want a kayak! How much do you get with kayak tools?

The kayak is similar to a canoe, but the kayak is closed most of the hull, only the cockpit where human beings are available is empty, meaning the boat that is hollow inside I will.
Many people become addictive once they experience the experience, how much do you get kayak tools in it? There are not a few people who are interested in what they said.
What you need for kayak depends on the field, but the minimum required is boat and paddle, life jacket, wet suit, helmet, etc. Even if you have all these tools, It is necessary to think about.

Depending on the type of kayak, moving and carrying is serious!

As for general kayak, it will be transported in its original form, so even if it is said that the weight is not so heavy, it is difficult to move and carry.
Some of them are inflatable kayaks which can be enjoyed by inflating with inflatable boat to boat, but what is made of common FRP materials etc must be carried in original shape.
There is a method of transporting by using automobiles, etc. However, when going from upstream to downstream, there is a disadvantage such as having to go back to the original place again.
Therefore, it is recommended to use a tour such as experience plan.

It is recommended that you do not need to carry a hands-on experience plan

The reason why the experience plan is recommended is not only that it is not necessary to carry a kayak, but all the tools such as boats, paddles, life jackets, wet suits, helmets, etc. are set in the experience plan, and participate by hand You can do it.
Also, when going by car etc., parking in the place designated by the shop, using the microbus etc. of the shop from the shop, go to the upstream area and once the shop's minibus waits again as you come down the river Because it will give me the advantage of saying that after going back to the shop and slowly, I can drive and drive home.