Let's know about kayak

Let's know about kayak

What kind of kayak tournament is going on?

Kayak is one of the canoes, and inside there is a place where people can enter. A person enters this place and is called a double blade paddle, it is a sport that can go on and on the water by swimming with water by rowing.
There is a convention in kayak, it is common to compete in a way called freestyle in the tournament. By the way, this tournament is held in Japan a lot, but since it is being held overseas besides that, you can see that this sport is loved all over the world.
Later, this sport is mostly done in rivers and other places in many cases.

That's it! Kayak's rule introduction

Kayak's rule is basically freestyle, and the time limit is decided in the event such as a convention. The main rule is to show depression of the main body by depressing and waveing ​​to the spot which is decided beforehand within that time.
At this time it is important to be able to entertain the viewer by making use of various techniques and it will be a sense of competition like skateboarding. Basically, if you fall out of the kayak you can not operate, so it will be important how to avoid falling.

What should I do when practicing?

Speaking of this competition the most used thing is muscle. It is good to train muscles at the same time as practicing, especially muscles on the abdominal muscles and back, and arm muscles and grip strength training. Then you can say that it is essential training because you can operate the paddle without discomfort.
In addition, it is good to take a kayak directly and practice at the top of the mountain. What is needed at this time is a sense of balance, it is quite dangerous because it will be thrown out of the kayak without a sense of balance.
It is possible to prevent accidents by also training such as to foster a sense of balance from day to day.