To get scuba diving license without troubles

To get scuba diving license without troubles

To those who want to acquire a license for scuba diving

I'd like to start scuba diving this summer, but is there anyone who can not understand what to do?
At first glance the hurdle looks high, but in reality it is not that expensive.
Scuba diving is famous as a sport that can be started any time from any age.
There are only three steps required to acquire the most common license, the open water diver.
Undergraduate course, pool course and marine practice.
If you do this for about 3 to 4 days and you master the minimum knowledge and skills necessary to dive in the ocean,
It is recognized as a diver and you can acquire a license.

Do not be fooled by the period or price until scuba diving acquisition!

To obtain a license for scuba diving you have to choose a school.
Learning by the school is almost the same, but there are various kinds of periods and prices until acquisition,
There seem to be many people who do not know which is good.
It is very dangerous to choose simply because it is fast, cheap.
There are two reasons, one extra fee may be charged because various expenses such as options are not included.
The other case is that we have cut down on expenses by renting teaching materials, etc. There are also cases where guidance is appropriate.
The school should take time and carefully choose the place you can trust.

Things you would like to recommend in terms of taking scuba diving licenses

There are various ways to obtain licenses, in addition to receiving courses by applying for nearby schools,
There are also ways to get it as part of the tour in Okinawa etc.
Well, this may also get confusing as to which way to take it.
What I would like to recommend is a way to acquire a license by using a nearby school.
The reason is that diving is not the end after acquiring a license.
You should choose a school that will last for a long time.
It is also advantageous to receive advice from professional instructors and consultation, and rental of equipment is also easy.
Also, it is a great advantage to be able to have diving companions nearby.
I want to maintain motivation and enjoy it as a hobby that can go on forever.