Points to enjoy canyoning in the Tokai region

Points to enjoy canyoning in the Tokai region

Places where you can enjoy canyoning in the Tokai region

Canyoning is aimed at going down to the point in the valley by taking elements of trekking and climbing outdoor sports, canoeing, swimming, dive and something.

Nagaragawa is recommended for people who wanted canyoning in the Tokai region. Nagara River is a first-class river in Gifu Prefecture, and has very beautiful water. It is a charming place full of canyonings using such a river.

There are also courses that can be enjoyed with children so everyone in the family can enjoy playing in the river. You can enter the cool river and play, in the summer it is a recommended sport.

On the merit of going to the canyoning by car

When I tried to do the canyoning and looked for a place, it would be in the back of the mountain. It is quite troublesome to go using the bus to the place where the mountains are deep. The number of buses is small, or it takes time.

In such a case it will be convenient to go by car as well. It's also a good point to be able to load all your luggage with a car. It's painful because you have to walk with heavy luggage when you have a bus.

It seems there are some people going alone by doubling as mountain climbing, but car people are definitely recommended for those going by family.

About connection between canyoning and hot springs

Canyoning is a sport that enters the river and enjoys canoeing, swimming, dive and something. It's awesome to enjoy the river flowing into the cold river something hot summer day.

However, if you enter the river for hours and play, you will get cold. It is a hot spring that heals a tired body and a cold body. After having played a lot in the river, it is also important to take it slowly to a hot spring and take it as fatigue of the body.

It is a sport that is often done in places such as mountains where nature is full, so there are many hot spring facilities in the vicinity. Let's enjoy lots of hot springs as soon as you use a car!