Even beginners enjoy canyoning with a secure experience plan

Even beginners enjoy canyoning with a secure experience plan

I think about the safety and danger of canyoning

Canyoning is an outdoor sports aiming to go down the valley from the upstream to the downstream while incorporating various events such as trekking, climbing, falling descent, canoeing, dive and swimming. Since it is done outdoors where nature overflows, care is necessary because safety and danger are adjoining. Especially on a day with a large amount of water, it will be canceled when judging the guide to be dangerous, and refrain from participating unless you are sleeping enough on the day before canyoning. In the same way, it is necessary to refrain from drinking the day beforehand and arrange a complete physical condition.

Canyoning is enjoyed under instructions of the instructor

Canyoning is a sport performed in the nature and it depends on the weather. If it rains it will cause dangerous situations such as river water rise and flash floods happen, so let's enjoy it with instructions of the instructor. Since the instructor has prepared a thorough system by confirming the site survey and preliminary canyoning in advance, be sure to refrain from selfish behavior according to the instruction of the instructor. For beginners, even for beginners, the instructor will teach you how to walk and how to slide and you can participate with peace of mind as necessary equipments such as a life jacket are available even if you can not swim.

An experienced plan with peace of mind even for beginners of canyoning

In the case of advanced courses, advanced skills are required and we will proactively advance to areas where it is difficult to enter, so we have the ability not only for physical fitness but also navigational skills using maps and compasses for outdoor activities You will need. Of course even beginners can prepare a safe experience plan, it will be a lot of content such as sliding down a course that is relatively short and sloping slowly, dive from a rock, or using a rope like Tarzan It is. Even those who are not confident in physical fitness are sure to be able to fully enjoy skillful instructors as they teach sliding carefully from the beginning carefully!