Enjoy canyoning enough for accidents and injuries

Enjoy canyoning enough for accidents and injuries

Risks of accidents during canyoning and countermeasures

Unlike normal trekking and mountain climbing, the canyon which goes through the river where water runs is a sport where nature can be felt throughout the body.

It is not necessary for special tools so much, even beginners and experienced people can enjoy it with ease, but as we go through the great nature again, unless we care enough for injuries and accidents It will not.

Particularly in areas with fast flow and exposed rocky skin are liable to lead to accidents and injuries, so it is important to keep the guidance of experienced people firm and enjoy it without impossibility.

Especially when you get used to it, it is important not to distract yourself even in a place where the flow is calm at first glance without distrusting your own power.

Various equipment to avoid injury at the canyoning

Since the canyoning advances not only in the foot but also in the flow using the whole body, the equipment to be worn must prepare a solid one.

There are many sharp points of rocks and others, and it is also very important to prepare wet suit and rush guard etc, as the temperature of the water is often low even in summer.

Moreover, it is safe to prepare a life jacket for the time when it is drained by the flow.
Besides this, it is also effective to use helmets, gloves and thick socks as equipment to prevent injuries.

Also, for those wearing glasses and contact lenses, it is safe to use rubber bands to fix the glasses or to have goggles.

I will take insurance to prepare for emergency accident

Canyoning is relatively easy to get started, but as we move forward in the natural environment, the risk of trouble such as accidents always stays on.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to prepare for injuries and accident prevention and equipment, but in addition to these accessories it is also effective to join the insurance for the unexpected situation is.

Since it is almost always that insurance that can be purchased on the day is prepared at events and experiential societies, it is important to join securely and enjoy canyoning in perfect condition.

In addition, there are things that can respond to such accidents during sports such as insurance that is subscribed to by individuals, so it is also effective to check the contents often.