Warm welcome even for non-canyoning experience

Warm welcome even for non-canyoning experience

Canyoning is safe to wear with a helmet

When participating in canyoning and actually doing it, it is common to equip a helmet.
By installing a helmet we will secure the safety of the head.
However, for people who do not normally use such as helmets, it is difficult to prepare as belongings.
However, there are places where we plan to lend this helmet in places where we plan such as tour of actual canyoning.
Since helmets are prepared according to the size of the head of each participant, even beginners can enjoy canying while paying sufficient attention to safety safely.
A helmet is something you need to get rid of.

What kind of canyoning equipment are there

Canyoning equipment is characterized by various things.
Wet suit is an indispensable item, especially from the many opportunities to come in contact with water.
This wet suit is not only worn for waterproof measures but also as a preventive measure to prevent injuries during the experience.
Canyoning shoes are also required as equipment.
Because the shoe sole is devised, it becomes an exclusive shoe of a reassuring existence that can prevent the situation slipping when climbing or walking rock etc.
It is also important to participate in a moveable rough style.
By preparing shorts etc. as possessions, moving rivers etc. is easy.

Since the instructor attaches to the canyoning feel free even if you are a beginner

For those experiencing for the first time, anxiety is inevitable.
However, the instructor is the one who can eliminate such anxiety.
You can enjoy enjoying on the water as much as you can because it tells me detailed information such as the way to walk, as well as the way to slide from 1.
So we can actively participate not only for beginners but also for women.
Because it is done in nature, acting with instructors with expert knowledge can be expected to avoid various risks, and it is also indispensable to do safely.
Learning the right knowledge and how to move the correct body will await the experience of becoming memories of life.