Recommended for those who want to enjoy nature! Canoe / kayak that can be enjoyed easily

Recommended for those who want to enjoy nature! Canoe / kayak that can be enjoyed easily

A relaxed time flows! Characteristics and appeal of Canadian canoe

There are various kinds of canoe · kayak, but among them the feature of Canadian canoeing is the type deck called open deck opened, only row paddle with single paddle with blade will advance by rowing. Sometimes called an open deck canoe, take a sitting posture sitting on a chair or sitting in a sitting position with the waist part floating. Since it is usually 4 m or more in length, it is possible to load lots of luggage! Originally used for hunting, the loading capacity is excellent. Out of canoes and kayaks, the shape of Canadian canoe is symmetrical in front and back, very simple structure. If it is still waterless, it will be comfortable because it will travel a little faster than walking speed.

Feel free to experience canoeing and kayaking! Canadian canoe rental

If you are new to canoeing or kayaking, there is a way to try it on a rental canoe by participating in the river touring of canoes and kayaks that you would like to try, even if you do not suddenly buy canoes and kayaks. Looking at the canoe · kayak school, I am very kind so that I can carefully lecture and learn how to ride canoes and paddle operation etc. Once you experience it you can feel the fun with your skin. It is also a great appeal to be able to enjoy the course by choosing the course that suits you, such as the course that you can experience with children, as well as the course content. When you leave yourself in the flow of the river, you can feel the comfort that you forget the busy everyday.

Why do you buy before you can enjoy the canadian canoe in earnest?

If you are experiencing a canadian canoe with rental, there are many people who will feel the fun and exhilaration to play in nature. I really want to enjoy canoeing! It is recommended that you buy your own canoe after all. At that time, it is also a good idea to first determine the type of canoe to be purchased while giving priority to buying wear. As you can participate in river touring etc. you can make canoe friends, so consulting canoes that suit you or consulting staff of canoeing stores holding river touring may be quick to buy . Anyway before going to various stores to buy and listen to the story will not fail!