Difference between Japanese tournament and world competition and representative of Japan

Difference between Japanese tournament and world competition and representative of Japan

In order to become a player and the characteristics of the canoe and the kind of the convention

Both canoes and kayaks are types of boats, but the canoes are hollowed out whereas the kayaks are all closed except where a person called cockpit enters There is a difference in the structure called.
Players who compete in the tournament will participate in competition competitions in Japan by conducting strict training and practice at universities and so on and they will be proficient,
In addition, the competition in Japan is that when the boat competition team took home the boat when it was held in the eleventh Berlin to prepare for the Olympic Games (the 12th) that was scheduled to be held in 1940 It is said that it is the beginning.

Japanese national team players existed in 1940!

At the time of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1940 it says that the Japanese national footballer of the canoe had existed.
However, although the Japan Canoe Association was founded in 1938, the Tokyo Olympic Games, which was scheduled to be held in 1940, became an illusion by the Second World War, and the playing field of the Japanese delegate disappeared.
In addition, due to the recognition of the return of Japan after the war, in 1960 the Japan Canoes Association resurrected, the 18th Olympic Games in 1964, the canoe from the Shimane National Sports Festival held in 1982 It is said that it was added as an official body of the national body and a place of players' success was born.

The first of the world convention is the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964

At the 18th Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, it became an official event as a flat water racing, saying that canoeing in Japan has progressed and that strengthening was done.
From 1964 onwards, although only the Moscow Games in 1980 did not participate as world competitions, afterwards, the Japanese national players have participated as world championships, and high prizes are appreciated in each tournament I say that it is obtained.
By the way, the events in the world convention are 12 kinds of Sprint Olympic events, 4 Olympic events of Slalom, 4 Sprints compete for a certain distance such as 200 m, 500 m, 1000 m, and the slalom goes down the torrent river It will be a competition.