Even beginners can do river descent with canoe safely if equipped

Even beginners can do river descent with canoe safely if equipped

Only canoes can enjoy the refreshing feeling unique to the river

It is a pleasure of canoeing to lean down to the stream of a calm river that is slower than walking and slowly go downstream from the upstream.
It is comfortable to see the way to slide while floating on the surface of the water, and you can unite with nature by examining the wind direction and strength of the wind.
It is good to enjoy river descending to the flow of river, but sometimes it is good to row through the whole body using all.
The movement of rowing all is secreted by serotonin in the body as a constant rhythm is engraved.
Serotonin that clears the feeling of uneasiness etc. is secreted, so you can spend even more pleasant time.

Points to be aware of when a beginner enjoys a canoe

Canoes are suitable for rivers where the rocks are small and the flow is not too steep.
It is important to be able to identify the environment suitable for these canoes.
If you go out to the river without going through the preliminary attempt to enjoy it in the near place, there may be a dangerous thing that there is a part where the flow of the river suddenly changes or there is a part that is in shallow water.
Also, by too much conscious of only the size that can be loaded in a car, it tends to pick a canoe that is difficult for a beginner to get on.
A small canoe that does not fit the body can not be recommended because it is highly prone to habit of rowing.

Equipment that protects life such as life jacket is essential!

In enjoying a canoe, it is a life jacket that you must wear.
As it is a sport that goes down a river in a state floating on the surface of the water, there is a possibility of being overturned.
Overturning is not a problem only for beginners, even veterans who have been enjoyed for many years may overthrow.
Also, you can rest assured that you can equip a tethering cable so that the oar gets away from the hand when it is overturned, and it will not be flushed by the flow of the river.
Furthermore, because there is always close to the surface of the water and water always bounces and water is applied to the body, it is good to have clothes change and a rain jacket.