Meeting the Industrial Revolutionary heritage of Meiji Japan in the Saga / Nagasaki area

Saga is Mitozu Navy Station, Nagasaki is Nagasaki Shipbuilding, Takashima Coal Mine, Toshima Coal Mine and others are subject to the recommendation of the advisory body of UNESCO (UNESCO) (Ikomos).

The warship island which is thought to have seen at least once on television etc is the common name of Edojima.

The warship island is Japan's first concrete jungle

It was around the end of the nineteenth century that I began digging coal seriously in Toshima. After that, it became possible to drink drinking water, an elementary school was established, and in 1916 the first reinforced concrete apartment building in Japan will be built. From this time it is said that the name of the warship island began to be used.

In the peak period of 1960, the population density was higher than Tokyo, became the island of the world's most population density, and had nearly complete urban function, but it closed down in 1974 and became uninhabited in that year. It is now possible to visit on sightseeing tours etc. Although it depends on weather condition of the day, how about trying to land once if there is a condition?

Enjoy activities in Saga and Nagasaki

Activities in Saga and Nagasaki are rich in marine activities. You can enjoy the activities of the sky because scenery is also good.

Hops (HOPS)

[Saga Karatsu] Kite surfing 2 hour course

プランID:1179Hops (HOPS)
2,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

On the first day, let's challenge the petit experience 2 hours to 2,000 yen easily. We always accept technical questions.

Hirado Kayakkusu (Hirado Kayaks)

[Kyushu, Nagasaki Hirado] kayak experience tour cliffs of adventure!

プランID:1193Hirado Kayakkusu (Hirado Kayaks)
7,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Kayaking experience tour is the tour menu that can participate willingly from beginner. August full from GW is the kayaking experience with sit-on-top ride casually in coastal of the west coast of the cliff of Hirado Island. During the rest of the year, in Hirado kayak scan based on the east coast, it will be the experience of an authentic sea kayak. Boathouse of Hirado Kayakkusu is, because there next to the Sea View Ranch (ranch sea is visible), you can also how to enjoy, such as riding in the front and rear of the kayak.

Nagasaki diving

[Nagasaki diving] Nagasaki waters tour

プランID:1385Nagasaki diving
18,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Is a tour of popular as the "full-fledged diving enjoy go feel free to"! Ensure a large number of its own point to near sea Nagasaki! Also for advanced users you can dive that has met a wide range of needs for beginners. Since 5 to arrive by boat move to 15 minutes, safe even those with sensitive to the ship. Nice thrilled ☆ and thrill is waiting!

Outdoor Shop Freedom

Lessons & Touring (with lunch at a deserted island)

プランID:234Outdoor Shop Freedom
13,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Our company is the most popular of 1Day kayak tour. You can also enjoy a full-fledged kayak beginners. Noon, outdoor cooking in a deserted island. It is also possible to experience yoga in the option.

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