Meeting the industrial revolutionary heritage of Meiji Japan in the Kitakyushu / Yamaguchi (Hagi) area

Finally, we will introduce the government-owned Yawata Works of Kitakyushu, Hagi's Hagi Refractor, Matsushita Village School etc, which are subject to recommendation by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) advisory body (Ikomosu), Kitakyushu It is the Yamaguchi (Hagi) area.

Origin of Meiji Restoration Hagi

There are many Matsushita village schools presided over by Mr. Yoshida Matsue, covered in "Hana Yuki" which is being broadcasted in the current river drama, at the large number of historic sites of the volunteers of the Choshu clan who was active in the end of the Tokugawa period from the end of the Meiji Restoration.

The Hagi Refractory Reactor was made to cast a Western style iron cannon. Just from the record it is said that real casting was not done actually in fact.

Yawata Works Supporting the Growth Period of Meiji to Taisho

Yawata Works started operations in 1901 after the Nisshin War, but initially the deficit continued and the operation stopped the following year. After that, when the Russo-Japanese War began in 1904, the demand for iron rapidly increased, and after improving the furnace, it contributed to the development of heavy industry in Japan afterwards.

Enjoy activities at Kitakyushu · Yamaguchi (Hagi)

Kitakyushu and Yamaguchi (Hagi) have marine activities recommended.
Enjoy the marine activities in the Japan Sea, Genkai-Nada, Setonaikai and others.

BackBone (backbone)

[Fukuoka for 1 to 2 hours] wakeboard experience course!

プランID:5748BackBone (backbone)
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is a short experience course of time required for two hours. After the land with experience in the shop, the experience across the street to the harbor, will return to after the end of shop. This course is for you to experience the title street wakeboard. Or it may not be becoming plan where I am allowed to end in time.

BackBone (backbone)

Why do not you water walk in the [Fukuoka 3-4 hours] SUP? Exhilarating experience school!

プランID:5745BackBone (backbone)
10,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Like a surfing and wake board as "a little Naa active ones", paddle board of the Recommended it has become a hot topic for those who say (SUP) experience! Enjoy freely moving using the paddle, but you can also enjoy using the wave as surfing. Even if you can not swim because it progressed over the very slowly leisurely water like a canoe you can enjoy in peace.

GI Paddlers (Guy Padorazu)

[Yamaguchi Prefecture, a half-day] experience sea kayaking [beginner welcome]

プランID:3608GI Paddlers (Guy Padorazu)
5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Sea kayaking is a strange vehicle. Because the half-day course can be handy to join us. It is recommended when the empty one and a little time without your time.

Omijima diving center

[Beginner welcome] is funny fish parade! Snorkeling tour [2 hour course]

プランID:6958Omijima diving center
6,480yen~​ ​(tax included)

To explore the sea of ​​Omijima snorkeling with training of instructors. Including the cave of blue called a mysterious excitement, so we offer a wide range of point to match, such as the sea Iwan'ya 泳力 of the day, is also recommended for families. It is with commemorative photo in water.

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