What is the difference between a motor paraglider with features of a paraglider and an engine and a propeller

What is the difference between a motor paraglider with features of a paraglider and an engine and a propeller

The charm of paragliding flying in silence without engine or propeller!

Paragliding is the most gentle in Sky Sports and you can fly in a state close to birds. There is neither an engine nor a propeller, and there is no power source.

It is also a very natural and ecological sky sports that can fly for dozens of minutes with a parachute like a parachute and a string that adjusts it.

Moving a paraglider is a rising air current that blows up a mountain from the bottom up. I catch that ascending air current and fly with lift and propulsion, so I'm just flighting in the same way as birds like hawks and Tobi.

It is the appeal of this sky sports to blend naturally into wind itself.

What are the characteristics of a motor paraglider?

What is a motor paraglider? There are people who have doubts. This is a sky sport that can fly with something like a fan on the back.

Because it fly using the engine unit in which the engine and the propeller are set, it is characterized by being able to fly from the flat land without catching the rising air current, even if you can not climb to the high place due to the flight I will.

Although you can make a flight with a high degree of freedom, there are times when the sound of the motor is large and can not fly in silence, the maintenance fee and maintenance fee lean because the machine enters.

What are the features and attractiveness of paragliders that can be united with nature

Paragliding is composed only of parachutes made of cloth and strings controlling direction. Because it flying sky with only this system, you can enjoy the feeling of being united with nature.

Since there is no engine, when you fly in para you will fly through the skyless sky, you will feel like a strange exhilaration like you took over the sky. There is no need for any difficult technology, and the breadth of the frontage that anyone can enjoy safely can be said as the charm of this sky sports.

For those who are flighting for the first time, we recommend tandem flights to enjoy with skilled pilots. You can experience the sky flying like a bird.