What weather conditions are necessary for paraglider experience

What weather conditions are necessary for paraglider experience

A paraglider capable of safely floating in the air with the weather on the side!

Paragliding is a vehicle that does not use power such as gasoline or helium like an airplane or a balloon. Therefore, it is a feature that you can glide in the sky just like a bird in silent state with no sound such as engine.

However, because we do not use motive power, it will be affected by the weather. The principle of paraglider flying is to utilize rising air current from the bottom.

When the weather is clear and sunny, the ground is warmed by the sun rays on the day without wind, giving the best upward airflow for the flight. If you glide and glide with this ascending current, you can experience a sense of floating as if you were really a bird.

Can paragliders fly in bad weather such as rainy days and wind?

What is worrisome is whether you can fly on rainy or windy days. This sky sports parachute is made of cloth, and it is a cord to use for maneuvering.

As rain falls, parachute cloths and strings absorb moisture and become heavy or cloths may cling to each other, so you can not fly. Also the flight will be canceled on strong winds.

The paraglider gains thrust by the ascending air current, but the flight will be canceled as the wind blowing stronger than this propulsive force may lose control. It is a trick to enjoy paragliding while enjoying these natural conditions and relaxing.

Apply for exhilarating paraglider experience flight!

This sky sports is influenced by natural conditions like this, but the impression when it was able to fly is the best. Flighting in a clear sky will be wrapped in exhilaration as if you were a bird.

Since we flight on a calm day, there is no danger, and in experiences we say tandem and we can fly with novice users with the same para as experienced staff.

Although flying in the sky is of course, it is said that it is the greatest attraction of this sport to borrow the power of nature and fully enjoy it in the environment. Once you fly, once you want to fly again and book your experience, it is a sport that captivates such a person.