Paragliding can also be enjoyed in Kanto

Paragliding can also be enjoyed in Kanto

Easily diverge work stress in the Kanto expanse

Many people would like to try paragliding once. As a general image, there is a belief that he / she will hesitate to perform such as "I can not do without going to the district", "Places where I can fly are limited", "It takes time to acquire from flight," There may be.

However, there are several recommended paragliding facilities in Kanto that you can go on a day trip well even if you are working in the city center of Tokyo, so you can enjoy it with ease.

It seems that those who are working everyday in the middle of a building can find the value of dancing in the sky.

Recommended area where paragliding can be done in the Kanto area

It is Shonan in Kanagawa Prefecture that I would like to recommend based on the distance and access from the city center and the good scenery. It might be thought as "Can you fly from Shonan-like plain?", But do not worry about using a motor paraglider.

The charm of a paraglider in Shonan is the scenery of the coast which extends to anywhere under the eye anyway. If you are a beginner, there are cases when you have various things under your eyes, you may find fear, but if you fly while feeling the scenery of the beautiful sea and the wind, you will surely be able to enjoy even those who are not good at somewhat high places.

Of course, it is also recommended for experienced people as we can enjoy a different view from usual.

This is recommended if you see a superb view from a paraglider

There are various paraglider areas where you can enjoy a superb view, but the morning mist highland in Yamanashi Prefecture is one of the places in the city. Takeoff will be from a high altitude, but the scenery spread under the eyes can enjoy the different seasons of the seasons, and the biggest highlights are magnificent Mt. Fuji that rises in front of you! is.

Although paragliding is fun to see the flat that goes on forever, watching the mountain rising mountains can feel the majestic further, so I'd like you to experience it all by all means.

The view from the sky will not only release from the daily stress but also make you realize the beauty of nature in Japan again.