How to enjoy Savageie

How to enjoy Savageie

About equipment required to do a saverage

Sabagée has been enjoyed as a sport recently, but it is also important to protect the safety as it is a game shooting with air guns and the like.

You should properly equip goggles, protectors, gloves etc. to prevent injuries from bullets. Even if it says how much it is a bullet for an air gun, it can be thought well that you will lose your eyes if you hit the eyeball. Since you may play games in the forest etc., you have to be careful not to hurt even trees and so on.

Since you can play safely by arranging equipments firmly, you will not annoy people around you. Let's enjoy the game without annoying people!

What kind of clothes are good for enjoying a saucer?

I think whether there are many people who do not know what clothes are good for clothes when doing a saverage. People who have real costumes are fine, but I do not know what clothes are good for the first time for those who do it. It is not suitable for beginners because it costs money to arrange all the equipment for the first time to do it.

We recommend clothes with camouflage patterns or noticeable colors. If it is a fancy color it becomes conspicuous and will be targeted at once. Because it may move around and lie down, it is better if the fabric is thick. It is important to choose clothes that also take safety into consideration and wear clothes that you can enjoy to avoid injuries!

Rules that must be adhered to in order to enjoy Savage

In order to enjoy Sabagade, we have to keep rules well. The basic rule is to disqualify if you break into enemy ally and shoot each other and hit the bullets. However, this is somewhat different depending on organizations and competitions etc. who are playing the game with the premise of the game.

There are various types of games such as Flag Battle, Annihilation Warfare, Defense Battle, etc. of the contents of the game. Because rules are decided by such game content, it is important to protect them and enjoy them.

In addition to observing the rules, we must also obey our manner. Let's not throw away garbage and go home!