Rafting types and races, tours

Rafting types and races, tours

What is race rafting, commercial rafting?

The type of rafting is roughly divided into two.
One is race rafting, which, as its name suggests, is competing for speed on a team-by-team basis, boasting an old history and a high level in Japan, and also having won the world championships.

Next is what is called commercial rafting.
This is not competing for speed, it is done as an activity in sightseeing spots etc. so that anyone can enjoy it easily.

If you are a beginner, you should first join the commercial side and let the guide teach you how to operate and safety confirmation.

Let's participate in tournaments and races when you get used to it!

Why do not you join the race or tournament once you get used to it?
Every year various things are done in various places, and if it is an open participation thing that anyone can participate, you can feel free to participate.

If you can make a good result in the open participation race, you may be invited to a large domestic race etc.
Moreover, if it also keeps a good result there, it may be able to become a representative of the world convention.

Japan's level is high, so it can not easily be a Japanese delegate so easily, but practicing with a high goal should make it faster to improve.

Let the beginners participate in the tour.

If you are a beginner who has never done a rafting, we encourage you to take a tour.

This not only takes you to the point where you can do rafting but also often carries a guide to rafting, and it tells basic operation techniques and knowledge, so beginners Even those of you will be able to enjoy it soon.

If it is a rafting tour, it is also attractive that you can participate in lightweight dressing as the tour president prepares the necessary tools etc. Let the beginners participate in the tour first.