Thrilling rafting is not dangerous?

Thrilling rafting is not dangerous?

Rafting can taste thrill and at the same time there is a danger

Rafting is an outdoor sport where you can enjoy the adventure in the torrent river.

Adventure is said to mean adventure in Japanese, but features such as the real thrill that said that you can taste thrilling in rafting and to enjoy nature to enjoy in nature Have.
However, the torrent river flows as fast as the word, once it is thrown into the river, it is said to be next to danger.

Therefore, on the tour of the rafting, be sure to enjoy the tour guide on which the training with repeated training surely is on board, protecting the head wearing the helmet, wearing the life jacket so that it can float even when it arrived at the water etc. Such consideration is taken.

The river which becomes the field increases water! Are you going on a tour? Or is it stopped?

The heavy rain will cause the water in the river to increase.
When it rises, the speed of the river's water flow will increase, and it will be considered dangerous rather than being in a state that can enjoy rafting.
Therefore, the staff of the shop which holds the rafting tour according to the amount of rain makes a decision of cancellation or cancellation of the tour by the amount of water in the river.

Also, it is not only after the heavy rain, but also in the early spring, the snow accumulated in the mountain will melt and it will increase the water of the river.
Therefore, in the case of thawing season etc., there is also a course that only advanced users can participate and sometimes the tour is canceled even if it is advanced even by advanced people.

The danger is not only when the water in the river rises

As river water increases, the flow of the river goes even faster.

Rafting is an outdoor sports that can fully enjoy the thrill, but there are many cases where the tour will be canceled even if there is a possibility that accidents will happen.

However, not only when the river rises, but also when the rain does not rain for a long time, the water in the river will decrease inversely.
The rocks that can not be seen normally are exposed to the rock as the amount of water decreases remarkably, and if there are many places to be exposed, it will be difficult to avoid the rubber boat, so the tour will be canceled There are times when that happens.