Rafting in June is very thrilling with a lot of water!

Rafting in June is very thrilling with a lot of water!

If you would like to experience thrilling rafting, June is recommended?

The charm of rafting is that, despite all the great majesty, you are riding the raft and going down the torrent.
This outdoor sports, which can be regarded as a "natural roller coaster", is now one of the classic outdoor leisure activities.
Apart from the hot summer urban area, the refreshing feeling of going down a cool mountain river is sure to become addictive once it gets hooked.

This kind of summer rafting is also very refreshing, but in reality, it is not well known that June season is a great season if you are seeking a "thrill" for rafting.

Attention to clothes! It is colder in June than I thought.

The reason why the rafting in June is thrilling later.

In any season, if you do not prepare in advance, it is late if you regret after going to the site.
The basic equipment is prepared by the tour company and the local office etc.
There are also towels, a waterproof case etc that you can wear your valuables and fix it, it is convenient. Eyeglass bands are also essential if you are using glasses.

The problem is clothing. It is hot and humid in June and short sleeves are comfortable in town, but it is not so in nature. For example, the average temperature in June of Saitama prefecture Nagami-machi famous for the line descent is around 20 degrees Celsius and it is felt cold in short sleeves.
In addition, because it gets wet with water, if you do not prepare long sleeves, you will catch a cold in the blink of an eye.

A lot of water is recommended for rafting in June!

As mentioned earlier, rafting at this time seems a bit annoying as long sleeves become luggage, but if you want to taste the charm of this sport to the fullest, this time is perfect after all.

The reason is in "water volume".

River in this period is rich in rainfall, plentiful snowmelt from the mountains flows into the river, and the amount of water is very abundant.
The severity of the river's flow depends on the amount of water, so at this time we recommend a lot of water, literally you can enjoy the thrill and refreshing feel like a roller coaster at this time.

Although the summer where the amount of water calmed down is okay, thrilling and exhilarating rafting experience is definitely in this June!