What is a device to enjoy rafting safely

What is a device to enjoy rafting safely

Devices to prevent accidents

It is rafting to enjoy in a place where the flow is relatively fast even in the valley in the mountain.

About 6 to 10 people are allowed to board a rubber boat, basically it is essential that a person riding a boat wear a helmet or life jacket to prevent accidents.
There are big rocks in the river, there is a danger of crashing into the rock, such as when it falls into the water by any chance, a helmet is essential for the purpose of protecting the head, even if it falls down, the wet suit Accident can be prevented by buoyancy and life jacket beforehand.

In addition, consideration is given to boat to enjoy rafting with peace of mind as a tour guide with severe training is on board.

A helmet is also essential to prevent injuries

Rafting will be drained to the downstream at a stretch in places where the river flows fast.
Once falling down, you may get hurt, but when the water falls etc., the tour guide rides on the boat will rescue you and you will have a helmet to crash into the rock and avoid injuries We are working on preventing accidents such as doing.

Also, it is an outdoor sports against nature, in the case of rafting it is essential to pay attention to the amount of river water, and a tour guide familiar with river conditions etc. makes judgment by seeing the current river situation Therefore, when there is a large amount of water or conversely when the amount of water is small, etc., the tour may be canceled for the purpose of preventing injury or accident.

Insurance for emergency situations is a tough check by RAJ!

There is a group organization called Rafting Association in Japan.
The rafting association is called by the name called "RAJ", but many of the shops hosting tours are joining RAJ, and they are subscribing to liability insurance, accident insurance, etc. In the unlikely event It is safe even in troubles such as accidents.

Also, the insurance that each shop is subscribed to is a rigorous check by RAJ, which is also characterized by guarantees such as securing participants' safety.
In addition, there are also places that are not affiliated, so if you choose rafting tours etc., it is safe to check whether you are joining RAJ ​​or not.