A rafting tour can be participated by even one person

A rafting tour can be participated by even one person

About the number of people to board a rafting boat

It is rafting to enjoy a river ride by getting a rapid river in a rubber boat.

Also, when you enjoy rafting, you will be able to enjoy it safely as you wear a helmet or life jacket.

In a place where the flow is fast, so that it does not collide with a big rock, everyone who got into the boat has a paddle and features a goal towards the goal while controlling the boat as instructed by the tour guide.

Rubber boats are characterized by a number of people of about 8, and it is possible to participate in families and participate in a couple, and even one person can participate by using a shareholding.

If rafting is going on, I can make friends!

It is an outdoor sports that enables thrilling experiences, saying that rafting is about 8 people, and all of them cooperate and go down a torrent river.

Participants are outdoor sports heading to the downstream area while avoiding the big rocks in the river places with all the tools having tools to control the boat called paddle, it is best to participate with breathing companions There are many people who imagine.

However, in a case like a ride, it is a person who does not know at all until boarding, but even if it is an outdoor sports where you can make new friends, such as turning into consciousness called a companion who can cooperate with each other through fellow consciousness by riding a boat There is.

One person can participate in rafting

Rafting is said to have a capacity of 8 to 10 people, but if you can share a ride, even one person will be able to participate.

Although there are many people who wish to try but many think that it is useless, there are many people who are interested in rafting and there are also people who participate with eight people who will be able to participate if there are people who can participate by two people.

However, if you are below the capacity, you can join a ride together, so even one person can participate.

In addition, it is an outdoor sports in a place accompanied by the danger of a torrent river, it is a trick to enjoy securely and enjoyably protecting the instructions of the tour guide to get in together.