What is rafting that is also used for community and marriage?

What is rafting that is also used for community and marriage?

Eating and drinking establishments are not the only place to conduct gifts

Gongkong is an event that is called a joint compare etc, and it is an event to enjoy conversation with the same number of strangers as men and women like 6 men and 6 women.

Gokong is also used in marriage, etc, but it is characterized by many people using it as a marriage, such as seeking new encounters, because there are many cases saying that a couple is established in a duplex.

In addition, there are many cases done in shops such as eating and drinking establishments, but there are also many events saying that they can enjoy nature and also encounter with opposite sex, and rafting is used There are also other parties.

Enjoy nature with rafting, and marry!

Rafting is an outdoor sports enjoyed in the wilderness full of valley beauty, people riding in a rubber boat have the purpose and features such as aiming at the downstream by cooperating with each other.

While human beings are very small in nature, rafting is used in marriage and other reasons, for example because they can become honest feelings unlike when they are in the streets and sometimes they can become bold Cases are increasing.

When gathered, there is a possibility that a couple will be formed, because the strange strangers, when they goal, unnoticedly confront each other, and so on.

What is the characteristic of Nature's creation of a couple?

Although it says that people become obedient feelings in nature, it is said that there are many cases in which the heterosexuals who do not know at all are attracted to each other by the spice called nature, and become the form of couple formation.

For that reason, attention has gathered attention to outdoor sports which can be enjoyed in nature in recent wedding events and gong event etc., among which rafting is exhilarating feeling, and popularity is also high for reasons such as being able to perform a thrilling experience It is getting.

In addition, rafting is group sports rather than individual competition, and there is also a merit that it can taste a sense of accomplishment by cooperating with everyone.