Miura sea of ​​school (Divenavi Scuba Academy)

Miura Umino school dive Navi Scuba Academy
areaKanagawa/Yokosuka Zushi-Hayama Miura
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Miura review of the sea of ​​school (Divenavi Scuba Academy)

Boat diving

Experience activity diving

So feel free to go from the city center, I repeat!
It is possible to observe the various organisms even Miura, funny (^ o ^)

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Fan 2 beach diving

Experience activity diving

"I can participate immediately in even one women from Yokohama"
First, the price was booked because it was reasonable
As far as HP and reviews really looks good!
I participated in the expected half anxiety half impression.
Installation's is now with me in the glad diving buddy and a total of three people photo school in women!
Kind of fish is quietly excited in many water!
In the winter, the transparency will be better you want to use as a repeater ♪ ~
In addition facilities are also areas of concern, but's a pretty easy to use also good comfortable is also the best for women!
It lunch was also delicious, I was also pick-up!
No ~ I am really happy! Thank you had you been!

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Refresh diving!

Experience activity diving

After a long time will want to go to the sea, it was challenged for the first time in 10 years diving! In refresh diving, because the beach and the boat was in the course, now in care in this shop. Including the setting of the equipment, it will be asked to kindly support, we were able to review.

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I regain confidence in blank diver

Experience activity diving

I have two dives for blank diver beach and boat in Miura sea of ​​school.
The first beach, ask tell me politely from the setting of the equipment, it was also able to confirm what had been forgotten.
Immediately in the sea in front of the shallow of the eye, but was a dive of about five meters I enjoyed no wonder I not good ears excl.

Two second is, to sea in a boat
Transparency, but it is not so good
Wave even taught me how to be down from the also ass splashdown to the sea from the calm and peace of mind boat

I participated in a similar blank diver 3 people, but the instructor was dive in peace me to suit our pace.

I participated in the fan diving in the shop of deterministic before about one month, but it was the absence of self-confidence will be retired in hard
Totally we regain the self-confidence thanks to the sea of ​​school.
It was good to choose here.

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Experience activity diving

Masu under .. taught courteous.

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