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I am sorry to be late. There are exits and subway, but there is also JR. No way dreamed of being an old building. I was surprised. Questionnaire, it is strange that you will not send it on the day. There is no ambition. I am saying it when I notice it. I'm disappointed with a hamburger. VR Too short. VTR It is superfluous. I want a West sports. From the usual life, it seems that the tour guide guidance is somewhat traveling. It's an old building, so it can not be helped but it's a shabby. It puts on reality. Actually, I tried it. It's still a trial stage. It's the 21st century. I want you to pursue reality. Unfortunately it's already in business, so it's impossible to do it at once, but I want you to upgrade the version little by little. Please examine it. I wish you good luck.

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